February 27th, 2008



We always feel like we have so much less time when we're working on rush-type jobs. Of course, we tend to impose the rushes on ourselves. This week, we had three rush jobs and one that we were told they needed "fairly soon." Somehow we managed to end up doing them in order of least rushed to most, but that's because we started with what we had the material for first.

So we were looking at our upcoming work schedule, and thinking, "Wow, we have a lot of stuff to work on. We can handle this much, but we probably shouldn't take on anything else." And then one of our editors e-mails with, "I have this other title for you if you have time. It's just two volumes." And of course our reaction is, "It's adorable! We'd love to!" Is it masochism, workaholism, a combination of both, or something else entirely? We like to chalk it up to love of manga. Besides, it really looks adorable♥

Our new home teacher is scheduled to come over tonight, and I actually remembered! For some reason, visits from home and visiting teachers are among the very few things I have a difficult time remembering. And... I don't really have anything else to say about that, but I think this entry is too short.

That's right! I wanted to talk about Rahxephon and then the weekend turned stupid. We rented volume 1 of Rahxephon and watched it on Friday night. What triggered our finally deciding to rent it was our re-watch of episode seven of Ouran High School Host Club the other day, and something (maybe it was the subtitles...) told us that, oh that's where Renge's cosplay comes from! So we had to watch to make sure.

Also, we knew that the main writer for Host Club, Youji Enokido, worked on Rahxephon, and, since he's practically a genius (also wrote Utena, Sailor Moon SuperS, and FLCL), we thought it was worth looking into again. (We'd seen the first six episodes about... wow, six years ago, but stopped for some unknown reason.) We figure Enokido-san must be a perfectionist, because usually they divide the writing of individual episodes among different writers, but not for Host Club. He wrote every single episode, and not only that, we noticed he was involved with the story for the Sailor Moon SuperS musical. We kind of know how that is--"I can't let anyone else do it, they won't do it right!" So I was a little bit curious to see that his name wasn't in the credits for the first three episodes of Rahxephon. But once he started writing (episode four), it looks like he was at it again, because there he was again on episode five. Of course, that's all we had, so we don't know how long it lasted. We could, y'know, look it up or something, but... oh well.

As for how we like Rahxephon... that has yet to be determined. Athena says the first disc made her tired, but she doesn't necessarily hate it. And I think I agree. It feels like it moves so slowly. We shall have to see.

Today I'm thankful for getting our shower head fixed, another adorable new series to work on, it being warm enough that I only need one sweatshirt, new home teacher coming tonight, and having a chance to listen to one of our new CDs last night.