February 24th, 2008


Another long day

Today has been a looooooong day. Even though Mom's ward doesn't meet until one, she had a doctor's appointment, and we (by which I mean Celeste, Sarah, and us) had church at eleven, and Celeste and Sarah had choir practice before that, so we had to rehearse at nine. This wouldn't be so much of a problem if not for our nasty habit of regularly waking up at nine-thirty. But we pulled ourselves out of bed an hour and a half before usual, and we went to rehearsal. Things went pretty well there, and then we all went to Mom's house where she cooked up some cinnamon rolls and we just generally hung out until Celeste and Sarah went to choir practice.

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And now I've finally updated LJ, and I think we might play some video games or something. We are so sleeping in tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for all the loving people who came to talk to us or called today, being able to perform the song well, saving electricity by not having our computer on all day, Mom sending us home with Ghirardelli brownie mix and eggs with which to cook it, and being home after a long day.