February 22nd, 2008



There are officially Bus Gamer songs now!! The opening theme for the anime is sung by the three main guys, and then, since there's gonna be three episodes, they're each going to take turns singing the ending theme! And the CD comes out just a week before our birthday--right in time for us to actually get it on our birthday! Yippee!!

Mom was supposed to come over last night to practice the song we're all supposed to be singing in her ward on Sunday. The idea is that the rest of us are so musically inclined that she's the one who needs the most practice (hence her coming alone), but that we're not such musical geniuses that we don't need any practice (apparently Mom has been disappointed in the quality of our sisters' musical performances recently (we ourselves haven't performed recently, unless you count my playing the piano)). And practicing has to take place here, because we're the ones with a piano. She ended up canceling for some reason, but she assured me she'd get everyone to come over tonight to practice. I'm really not sure how I feel about this, especially because Aurora happens to be in town this weekend, and Mom got her to join in. And Aurora is the self-proclaimed music expert of the family.

Of course, the title isn't entirely undeserved--she is a fantastic singer. But that doesn't mean she'll be nice. I guess we'll just have to see what happens. But on the bright side, she and her husband are Ace Attorney fans, so we might have someone to obsess with.

Speaking of Ace Attorney, Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for Mimsy apparently deciding that she likes being in the little house in the cat tree, the nice effect of the new green leaves against the dark wet bark of the tree outside, having two Apollo Justice keychains to object at each other with (I can't believe I forgot to be thankful for that yesterday), remembering that we have more chocolate than I thought we did, and the "zu" katakana pluralizer!