February 19th, 2008



Regardless of what yesterday's lesson may have seemed to me at the time I updated Live Journal, we discovered at Family Home Evening that the most important lesson for the day is never, ever, ever eat sugar-free popsicles unless they're the 100% fruit juice kind. And especially not the orange ones. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew.

I suspect the reason we had such revolting refreshments had something to do with this whole "Great in Eight" thing, and if I ever get proof that it did, the whole program is so fired. A life filled with sugar-free popsicles is what I would call the opposite of great. My goodness, they're worse than weak Kool-Aid. This is another instance where the scripture in the New Testament about not being lukewarm can really be applied. Either you're completely healthy (100% fruit juice), or completely unhealthy (good old-fashioned sugar-filled popsicles). Anything in between is just gross, and, incidentally, probably has something in it that's worse for you than the sugar. (Or so our former home teacher would have us believe. He's on a crusade against fluoride and high-fructose corn syrup, which has some basis on actual research, so I don't think it's just that he's crazy. Plus I've heard similar things from other sources.)

And that brings us to today. Or... anyway, we're at today. Actually, we're at Sunday. Realizing that the new Ace Attorney game was coming out this week, and having just had a very kind offer from a girl in the ward to call her anytime we needed a ride, I found her after church to thank her and take her up on her offer. I made the plans for today, and while I did so, there was a little alarm going off in the back of my head, but it didn't seem all that urgent, so I didn't think much on it, except to make sure to check we had the release date right. I was determined, back in 2006 when Kingdom Hearts II came out, to remember that some crazy games have a ship date, and don't actually come out until the day after. As you can guess, we forgot. We totally blame Final Fantasy XII and their crazy midnight release party (which took place on a Monday and was Awesome) for the mix-up.

We realized our mistake when we did check the release date yesterday, and planned to discuss it with her if we saw her at FHE last night. I saw her for about a minute before she left, but Athena was off somewhere, and I didn't realize she would be leaving before FHE started, so I figured I'd catch her later and missed. But we figured we needed to get Mario Party DS anyway, so we could buy that, and then use it as a bribe, if we had to, to get Sarah to drive us back to Game Stop tomorrow. The trip turned out to be quite profitable, actually, because not only did we have a pleasant time talking with the driver, but we also! pre-ordered the new Ace Attorney game and got the nifty little keychain they're using as a promotional item. It's shaped like the silhouette of the new main character, pointing his finger in the "Objection!!" pose. So for a while after we got it, Athena (our keeper of the keys) would point it at me and yell, "Objection!!" It's Awesome.

It also works out a little better for us, because there's a slight possibility we'll actually defeat Zodiark and be able to beat Revenant Wings tonight, and then we won't have to worry about having the last little bit of Revenant Wings left when we start Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

Today I'm thankful for having a ride to Game Stop today, awesome Ace Attorney keychains, good old-fashioned sugar-filled popsicles, having our new shelves finished, and pliers that double as hammers.