February 18th, 2008


You can't judge a book by its cover...

...but that doesn't mean I don't want the covers to match.

For part of our "Feeling Great in Eight" thing, we're all supposed to start a classic novel tomorrow. As I've mentioned several times, we don't put much stock in this whole "Great in Eight" thing, but we've always liked the idea of reading classic novels, especially since we got Brain Age about a year ago and have been reading tiny excerpts from classic novels almost every day since. So our anime buddy picked us up today and we headed for the bookstore! Borders was being lame, and they didn't even have the manga that we want. (Come to find out it doesn't actually come out until March. We were sure it was set to come out last week, too. It wouldn't be an issue at all except that we need it for research purposes, which means a month is too far away. Blah.)

So we headed over to Barnes & Noble, which we now realize is much better for finding classics. Why? Because they have them all right there in one place! "Lasting works at an affordable price!" or something like that. (Though I kind of get the feeling half our friends list already knows this.) Anyway, they seemed to have two different classic novel serieseseses, and each series had different covers. The only reason that was a problem is that we wanted to get the Three Musketeers trilogy, but Twenty Years After never made it into the "classic literature" category, which means we'll never get it with a matching cover. Sad.

So we got The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo, Wuthering Heights, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Of course, the main reason we're interested in the middle two there is that they both have connections to anime (Gankutsuou and Glass Mask), which is why we also thought about getting Frankenstein, but we were too afraid to try too much stuff for some reason. Seriously, I'm looking at everything and I'm like, "I think I want to try this... but I don't know..." (And of course, now that we're back, I'm like, "Why didn't we get The Picture of Dorian Gray? It was right there!" but while we were there I was like, "I don't know..." Pathetic. *grin*) And four books is quite enough for people who can hardly make time for one book of manga.

Changing the subject, it would seem that now Oreo is avoiding the cat tree, not out of fear of the unknown, but out of fear of Mimsy's wrath. He was exploring it yesterday, but Mimsy kept getting in his way. At one point she started batting at him from the shelfy thing above him, and he kept turning around, trying to find a good angle to fight back, but for some reason her paw stayed in the same place on his back. I was worried that her claw was stuck there, and figured that had to hurt, so I put her on notice and said I wouldn't pet her when she came to me for attention. But then she looked at me so and was so cute and seemed so contrite that I forgave her, especially since Athena had just reminded me of the numerous times Oreo had bullied Mimsy out of her place in the past. Punk cats.

I had a lesson for today. I was thinking, "The lesson for the day is..." But then I couldn't remember what it is. It may or may not have had something to do with writing summaries long after we read the book we're supposed to be summarizing.

Today I'm thankful for new friends, having classic novels to read, being very close to being able to get back to a normal work schedule, our CD Japan order finally being processed!, and flowers.