February 17th, 2008


I don't know what to call this entry.

Mimsy does seem to at least kind of like the cat tree. When I went out to play something on the piano earlier, she was in the little house part. So cute! (Athena would have taken a picture, but apparently there were lighting issues, and bringing the camera out has a habit of making Mimsy move, so it just wasn't meant to be.)

Oreo, on the other hand. This morning before church, he started sniffing at it. He started to go inside the little house part, but then seemed to decide it was too small so he jumped up on top of it. He stood there for a while--I think he was staring at something in the tree outside the window. And then he came into the bedroom and proceeded to hide under the blankets. I'm really not sure how to take that, but I hope it doesn't mean he thought we got it for Mimsy and that we didn't like him as much.

Maybe I think too hard.

Anyway... Church was pretty awesome today. One of the girls in our ward is leaving on her mission a week from Wednesday, so she spoke in Sacrament Meeting. That and something I read in the Relief Society lesson for today had me thinking.

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Today I'm thankful for Mimsy not hating the cat tree (hopefully Oreo will come to like it, too), our suspicions about no treats in Relief Society being false, having ice cream again, having a ride to Game Stop on Tuesday, and having a ride to the bookstore tomorrow.
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