February 15th, 2008


A Valentine's Day miracle!!!

Despite neither of us ever having a boyfriend, Athena and I never had a problem with Valentine's Day, and so we had a rather enjoyable one yesterday. We had been needing to take some time off for a while, and Valentine's is the perfect day to spend playing Neo Romance. (Well, assuming you don't have a boyfriend. Which we don't. I've already been over that.)

We were actually in pretty good moods last night, but right before bed there were a couple of things that ended up flipping the angst switch. It was kind of like a, "But why isn't anybody looking at meeeeeeeeee?" that snowballed. On the bright side, our attempt to get over it prompted us to e-mail CD Japan and find out what was wrong with our order, which is a very good thing because now (hopefully) it's been fixed.

Anyway, because of all that, this morning started out with a "nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat worms" mentality, except for the eating worms part because that's just gross. Unless they're gummy worms. Those are made of yum. But we don't have any, so we couldn't have gone to eat those, either. But coming back from my sidetrack, it started out all gloomy, until Athena went outside to get the mail.

One of the girls from our ward was very very sweet and heart attacked our front door yesterday, leaving a miniature paper bag of candy for each of us, and a card to let us know it wasn't some crazy person trying to poison us. It also said that if we ever need anything or a ride, to just call her. We might call and ask for a ride to Disneyland. That could be awesome.

And thus the "nobody likes me etc." theory was disproven! Awwwwwww♥ And now we have all kinds of warm fuzzies and! Hershey's trio kisses, which are a mix of white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate, and are oh so yummy♥ (It also came to my attention yesterday that I need to use heart marks more.)

Furthermore, while we were still being little snots about it, we're like, "Why can't we get this stuff before we get all angsty?" And then we remembered that she would have done all that yesterday afternoon. It was actually around lunchtime that I heard movement outside the front door and got my hopes up that maybe there was nothing wrong with our CD Japan order and it was the mailman. But nobody knocked, so I just forgot about it. But anyway, whether or not that was her, she would have had to come before midnight last night, which, as I mentioned before, was, in fact, before the angst. Yay for tender mercies♥

Today I'm thankful for good timing, nice people who want to be friends, Hershey's trios (soooooo good), getting better at playing the Fantasmic! theme on the piano, and the adorableness that is Motomi from HaruToki2.