February 12th, 2008


Taking some time out...

...from work to post in LiveJournal. How crazy is that, us getting back to work when we're done with this? Deadline's tomorrow, though, so we have to do our best!

Today we went to the middle school to talk to the anime club. And after spending about an hour there, I still don't know what the school's called. I do know that apparently their mascot is the bruins, and while we waited until lunchtime in the office, we were surrounded by all kinds of bear memorabilia type stuff. They also had Lego League trophies, which makes me feel a little better after seeing the wall o' sports team pictures.

We were a little nervous at first, because we had no idea what they were expecting us to do. Apparently they didn't really, either, though, so really it turned out to be one big squee fest. Only not really squeeing, because there were boys there, and somehow it gets less shrill when that happens. (Have you noticed that "fangirl" makes a much better verb than "fanboy"?) So we told the story of how we got into manga translating, and then we opened the floor to questions, most of which consisted of, "Have you seen [insert anime here]?" Sadly, we'd only seen about half of what they asked about, because we somehow manage to miss all the popular stuff. We really need to fix that.

So yeah, it was fun, but didn't give me much to report on. The teacher asked us back, so I'm pretty sure they weren't bored. Cosplay got brought up, and one of the kids asked us what all our cosplays have been, so I started out by saying our first cosplay was back in '96, and kids started shouting, "I was two!" "I was one!" "I was three!" "I'm not sure if I was even born yet!" It would have made us feel old, but we'd already considered that possibility, and were actually surprised to learn that so many of them actually had had a chance to age by then. So we actually didn't get much past that.

And then we came home and got back to work, and have been working almost all day. But that's fun too, so we can't complain too much.

Today I'm thankful for people reading +ANIMA, one of the kids actually knowing about the Sailor Moon Musicals, not always being up against crazy deadlines, having time to do research while we waited for lunchtime to start, and having a chance to visit a local anime club. That miniature army of middle schoolers may not be such a far off dream... Mwahahaha...