February 11th, 2008

kid flash

Something suddenly came up!

First of all, a very happy birthday to baranoneko! We wanted to be different and wish you a happy birthday on your birthday, instead of in a comment before your birthday. Of course, it's kind of late in the day, so it may be a little late for it anyway, but we hope you're having (/had) an awesome day!

As for us, on the other hand, today has been kind of a rar type day. Maybe just an irritable one, because come to think of it, there was only one really upsetting thing, and the rest has just been panic-inducing, but not really rar-inducing. Except for the water randomly being off. What was up with that? But it came back on soon after we discovered it, so it's all good now. Except that the water tastes like a dishwasher. But that too will pass.

So anyway, we had originally planned for this week to be a little laid back. We'd finish the translation we're working on, get it turned in tomorrow or the day after (since we're going to visit the middle school tomorrow, too), maybe get started on the next volume of I Hate You More Than Anyone, and take Thursday off for video games, because Valentine's Day is a good day for love sims. But the universe had other plans.

As it turns out, we need to have a revised script in for the thing that's no longer on hiatus on Wednesday. That by itself wouldn't be a problem, except for the whole middle school visit thing. It probably still won't be a problem, except that we were already worried about another sample translation we have to get in on Monday. Sample translations, by definition as samples, don't take very long, but this will be for something the likes of which we've never done before, so we don't know how not very long. Still, we're not too worried about getting it in on time--just a little unsure of our video game schedule for the week. But it will all pay off in the end, so we're not complaining. Just feeling a little stressed and rushed, especially because the current translation is the type of thing that generally has us feeling stressed and rushed, no matter how far ahead of deadline we are.

As I mentioned, tomorrow is the day we're visiting one of the local middle schools' anime clubs. There was a brief period in which we were concerned that Steve hadn't made it clear to them that we translate manga and not anime, because people seem to always get that confused, and anime fans sometimes lose interest when you do manga instead. We mentioned these concerns to Steve, and he assured us that they had been properly informed, and while their adviser didn't seem to realize the difference, the kids definitely know. So we forgot about it until a couple nights ago when we realized that Steve doesn't always seem to concern himself with the actual fact content of whatever he's saying. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. At any rate, we'll be bringing some Fruits Basket, and everybody loves that, manga or anime. And however it goes, the Relief Society president will be coming over that night to watch Princess Tutu, and all will be well.

Today I'm thankful for a chance to catch our breaths and realize we're not as rushed as it might appear, legal anime DVDs, having the water back on, understanding bosses, and hydrogen and oxygen.