February 10th, 2008


Ni hao!

We're currently listening to the Little Mermaid soundtrack, which is probably going to make it very difficult to focus on updating, but I'll do my best!

We don't listen to our Disney soundtracks nearly enough. I've mentioned before that we've forbidden ourselves from listening to them while we work, because since we know all the songs and they're so darn singable, we're guaranteed to drop productivity levels. It's nearly impossible to sing along with something and type up an English script from something that was originally in Japanese, although there was a time when we would listen to Animaniacs albums on the way to various camping type trips, and be halfway through a song and be like, "Oh hey, I'm singing the song! And I just completely missed my favorite part even though I was singing the whole time. Aww."

Today Celeste came to visit us in the library. I still think people ought to go to Sunday School instead of hanging out with us in the library, but today was definitely a day we could have used visitors. She's studying Chinese now, so we spent a good deal of time comparing Chinese to Japanese. I was pretty impressed that when the librarian from the other ward came in, he actually acted interested. Maybe I shouldn't assume everybody thinks our hobbies are boring so much. But anyway, apparently the Chinese characters for "Mr." are the same as the Japanese for "sensei." Celeste was trying to remember all the characters she needed for her quiz tomorrow, so she'd say, "I can't remember what how to write student..." And Athena would draw the Japanese version on the blackboard, and she'd tell us if it was the same or not. It was fascinating, but she only needs to know eleven compounds, so it didn't last very long.

We also discussed the possibility of Sarah driving us all to Utah in her new car to see Jonathan, but we figure Sarah'd probably say no, since she doesn't have friends up there like the rest of us, and she probably wouldn't want to drive that far, since she's never done it before and she's afraid of driving unless she really wants to do whatever it is she has to drive to do. Little sisters. We'll just have to figure out something else, which might be better anyway, because some form of public transportation would be the surest way to avoid eight hours of country music.


That bit of hesitation was brought to you by Mimsy, who jumped onto the keyboard while I was distracted. I was so distracted I don't even know what I was distracted with. Next thing I knew, Mimsy was on the keyboard. And since she managed to only type two letters once each (as opposed to a long string of one or two characters), I figured I'd keep it there, especially because it's kind of a word. Mimsy's so smart.

Today I'm thankful for typing kitties, having company in the library, kanji/whatevertheChinesewordforkanjiis geekfests, chocolate hearts that are just like the fudge ball things we'd get at Christmas, and visiting teachers being kind enough to take us somewhere to buy shelves while at the same time remembering that we need to sleep in. It's true; we haven't given ourselves a chance to sleep in in several weeks, and we're not sure whether or not that has anything to do with under-the-weather type feelings, but I'm definitely sure it has a lot to do with my having such a hard time waking up these last few days.