February 8th, 2008


Today is a day of AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

With some "EEEEEEEE!!!" mixed in, and the occasional "Ooooh, shiny..."

So there we were, minding our own business... oh wait, it was all kind of our own business. So there we were, trying to translate this craaaaaaaazy series with its insane amount of text, and we've got Kingdom Hearts music on in the background. The Kingdom Hearts soundtracks are long, but we figure we had enough time to listen to all of it before lunch. We didn't count on all the crrrrazy happenings that would happen. After the first CD, we finished up the page we were on, which took forever because we started a new page during the last track. It wasn't a good idea, especially since the KH2 soundtrack is notorious for having short tracks, but we weren't being especially smart. And then we checked our e-mail, and that's where everything went crazy.

But it's a good crazy, because the e-mail was from one of our bosses. The craziness of the day coupled with the going-insane-ness from translating a text-dense series have me making potentially odd choices as to what to share and what to keep secret. But anyway, there's a title we were working on a while back that got put on hold for licensing reasons, and we were sad because we really really liked it. But now it's back on, baby! (I couldn't not add the baby. I just couldn't.) So it's all very exciting and we e-mailed our boss back right away even though there wasn't a whole lot to say about it, and then we attempted to get back to work.

For some reason interruptions abounded during the second half of the Kingdom Hearts II soundtrack. Okay, so there was a phone call and a knock at the door, which is only two interruptions, but I'll just say that you notice these things more when working on a harder series and trying to hold in the poinging from the other thing. Of course, the poinging turned into fear for a little bit there when we realized that oh yeah, this series is a little intimidating (it's hard on me, too, keeping it a secret like this), which also didn't help. But it's still all very exciting, and! the knock at the door turned out to be the manga we ordered from Kinokuniya. And we weren't expecting it until Monday at the very soonest! The confirmation e-mail we got said it would take two to three business days, and we only got it yesterday! Very sneaky, Kinokuniya.

That, of course, is where the "ooooh, shiny..." would have come in, but we didn't open it until much later.

And so of course we ended up having a late lunch. After lunch, we're finally calm enough that we figure we can get back to work, but first we check e-mail. There's something from our other boss, offering us more work! Woohoo! Except also scary, because it's guaranteed to be a lot of work. But fun work! But a lot of it. And so we e-mail our boss back, and I'm a little worried that we're sounding like idiots, since today is a day of not being able to think straight anymore, and then we get back to work.

So we finish working and yay it's time to relax! So we do our brain training, and open our package and say "ooooh, shiny..." and then my brain's still on hyperdrive, so we take a candy break. Granted, sugar probably isn't the best thing to eat when trying to calm down, but that's okay, because our family was raised on so much sugar that it tends to have a reverse effect. Or at least it's not so stimulating to us, anyway. But it doesn't matter, because whatever effect the sugar had was nullified when we got back and checked our e-mail, and there was one from our other other boss, offering us even more new work! Woohoo! And this one looks like it might be less work potentially maybe we hope!

It's uncanny, really.

And thus our day was full of "Eeeeee!!"s and "Aaaaaahhh!!"s. And of course, only one out of three of those are official, so maybe it's a bit early to be talking about them. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for getting to get back to work on one of our favorite titles (technically, they're all one of our favorites, but this one holds a special place), potentially getting more work, getting shiny new manga (now we need to read some of it), the crazy timing of today, and friendly boxes.