February 6th, 2008


Unexpected places

Attention Bus Gamer fans!! I forgot to mention yesterday! Volume 1 of the new version of Bus Gamer manga will be coming out in Japan on March 8th!! That is all.

Today has been a crazy day. Mostly because of the manga we're working on. It's so weird, because logically it doesn't seem to me like sitting at a computer translating manga would take that much energy, but somehow this series is exhausting. But we love it anyway, so we'll forgive it.

We're still complaining about this "Great in Eight" program. It's silly, too, because it's not like it's that hard to stick with it. For example, you get five points for every day where you don't eat anything within three hours before you go to bed. We usually do that anyway. But now that we're told not to, for some reason the munchies hit that much harder after dinner. Athena says she guesses we're more contrary than we thought, but I think it's just as contrary as I usually see myself to be.

But we have actually reaped some benefits from following the program! And it's only been four days!

See, yesterday we figured we ought to do some exercise, because that's actually where most of the points come from. So as we're exercising, we decide to listen to our Gundam Seed Suit CDs. For those of you who don't know and wanted to, Gundam Seed Suits CDs are a set of CDs that have an image song, a mini-drama that gives Backstory, and some music tracks. But the important thing is the mini-drama that gives Backstory. Gundam Seed has such great characters that it's really fun to know more about their pasts. And most of the dramas focus on Athrun (our favorite♥), which helps.

And then we remembered! We need the Gundam Seed Destiny Suite CDs!

So we ordered the first three yesterday. For some reason it was just too daunting to order all five at once, even though we ordered two more CDs that cost more. We'll just say we wanted to leave some to have something else to order when the Romeo x Juliet soundtrack comes out at the end of the month.

And thus we see that when you do the right thing, you find blessings in unexpected places.

Today I'm thankful for the Destiny Suit CDs still being in print (I know it's ultra-popular Gundam Seed, but they did come out three years ago), Athrun Zala, Backstory, friendly editors, and a date to look forward to more Bus Gamer.