February 5th, 2008


Talk about your crazy timing.

So as part of this crazy "Great in Eight" program thing, we get five points a day for doing the item listed on the "weekly calendar." It's basically a list of the days of the week, each with a certain task to perform to help improve health in mind, body and spirit. While this whole thing has us annoyed enough to not go very far out of our way for it, a lot of the things on the list are pretty simple, so we figure we can do at least most of them. Yesterday's was to make sure to get eight hours of sleep. So guess what day Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert had their big showdown with Conan O'Brien?

That by itself wouldn't have been an issue, except for the actual showdown being on Conan's show. Thank goodness for VCRs.

Our big(?) presentation at the middle school is in exactly one week, and we still have no idea what to wear. At this rate, we'll end up going in normal clothes. We asked our anime buddy about it and she said we should wear Ouran uniforms. She has a bit of a one-track(=Host Club, currently) mind. Actually, I think that's pretty common among anime fans. But at any rate, it doesn't help us because we don't translate Host Club (not for lack of wanting to).

And of course I only have a week to sew, so I guess it'll be normal clothes anyway. Or Risa and Riku, but that depends on how the weather's doing, I think. It's true that we don't translate the DN Angel anime, which is what our costumes are based off of. There were no color pictures of their uniforms until a little while after the anime pictures started being released, and I'd already started sewing. They are cute costumes, but I kind of wish the English version of the DN Angel manga had turned out better if we're going to be promoting it.

Today I'm thankful for VCRs, online Latin dictionaries, having all our tax forms, being able to write a cover copy pretty quickly (now if only we can come up with a tagline), and actually getting through all the highlights before lunch.