February 2nd, 2008


Today kind of jumped on us.

We knew there was a Relief Society Enrichment thingie going on today, especially because it was rescheduled since it was originally at the same time as President Hinckley's funeral. We even knew that our anime buddy had agreed to give us a ride, but we weren't sure if she remembered, because when she dropped us off after church on Sunday, she said "See you Sunday."

So when she showed up this morning, we weren't ready to go. Fortunately, since we're night showerers, we just had to get some non-pajama clothes on. Unfortunately, we had planned to go grocery shopping with Mom this morning. She told me she wanted to be done shopping by two because she had to pick up Steve's kids at four. I'm not sure what she had planned for those two hours, but I assumed she had something. But that didn't happen, because we didn't get done with Enrichment until about two. Eheh.

I'm still not sure how I feel about today's Enrichment activity, though. The Enrichment committee decided it would be really awesome to have a "Feel Great in Eight" program. They gave a presentation on being balanced and healthy with body, mind, and spirit, and then they split us up in to teams. We have a list of things to do every day to improve our physical health and spiritual health, and we get points for doing them, and apparently the team with the most points at the end gets a prize. It's a cool idea, but most of the points seem to be centered around food, and as picky eaters, this does not make us happy. It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't lose points for certain foods. That wouldn't be a problem either (I mean obviously if you're trying to be healthy, you don't want to eat junk food that much), except for the list being a little random. I mean, sure white bread is nowhere near as good for you as wheat bread, but you shouldn't lose points for it. It should just be neutral.

My other problem with it is that it seems that the maximum amount of points you can get for spiritual health is 10 a day, while you can get up up to 30 points a day for body not counting the food stuff. And have you noticed there's nothing for mind? We do brain training every day, and we won't get a single point for it. Oh well. We'd just ignore the whole thing if we weren't afraid of letting our teams down. Sigh. But it really is a good idea, and everyone could stand to improve themselves. I'm just whining because I wanna do it my way, wah wah wah. But I'm done now. And I'm also not giving up my cookies.

Today I'm thankful for having more batteries, Winco having those Pillsbury sugar cookies with the pictures in the middle, Groundhog's Day, recorders (the musical instruments; we got a couple today when Mom took us to Michael's and I want to arrange duets of stuff like Legend of Zelda music), and Mimsy looking adorable on top of the paper towels.