January 27th, 2008


Like the scent of fresh vanilla...

Our apartment smells like vanilla. This is a fact I neglected to mention last night, because I was too stressed out to notice it much. I knew Mom had put a vanilla scented air freshener in the bathroom, because she was very excited to point it out. She likes vanilla, and it smells like frosting. But now that air freshener and the one in the living room have combined powers and the whole apartment most definitely smells like vanilla. I have mixed feelings about it. Vanilla frosting, I think, is the main reason I think I don't like cake when I actually do. But it does smell nice.

We tend to prefer flower scents like rose and gardenia, or maybe strawberry which is not technically a flower, but I think the plant is in the rose family. I could be wrong on that. But then again, there was one time at college when our apartment manager sprayed this flower air freshener all through the halls (or did she use it on the carpets?) and everybody was choking on it for days. But that wasn't a specific flower--it was more potpourri. And then again, we're not big fans of lavender or anything like that either. I guess what I'm saying is we're picky. Or something.

Anyway. Mom came into the library today, and she seemed pretty cheerful, so I figured she was no longer upset about us making her hang around in our apartment last night and I was pretty happy. But we were helping today's Relief Society teacher get pictures (she needed nine), and there was only one left, so I told Mom to wait while I finished up, in my head realizing that that was because then I could give her my undivided attention. But she got impatient and walked off, and I felt bad again. She even left cookies in her wake.

Today was just a day of making people wait, too, because the copier was playing with my head (not too hard to do sometimes) so we couldn't make copies for people, and then we had our visiting teaching interviews with the Relief Society presidency, so our ride home had to wait for us to finish. Fortunately, our ride home was very very very nice and assured us (repeatedly) that it was okay. Also fortunately, the member of the RS presidency we talked to happens to be going to school to learn about styling hair, and says she'd be happy to help us style wigs!

Today I'm thankful for patient people, the not-too-overpowering scent of vanilla, card catalogs, being acquainted with people who know how to style hair, and Theodore the chipmunk.