January 26th, 2008


Chipmunks make any song better

Today actually wasn't so bad. We hung out with Sarah and her boyfriend while Mom and Steve cleaned our apartment. Mom even went and got stuff to make our bathroom all decorated and stuff. Our bathroom's pink now! We actually like pink, but for some reason I'm a little annoyed about it right now. Probably has something to do with the anxiety of having people doing Things in our apartment while we were gone. And the guilt from having kept them here an extra two hours (they couldn't leave before we got home or else the door would have been left unlocked). They did a nice job, and aside from the grief over some of our favorite boxes that they threw away, we're very grateful, but we will be replacing the photos of us they hung on our living room wall (Athena: Who puts photos of themself up on the living room wall?) with a couple of wall scrolls.

But that's okay, because we got to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. And, as the subject line states, chipmunks make any song better. Seriously, so many songs that we don't like, we imagine the Chipmunks singing them, and suddenly they're among our favorite songs.

Anyway, that was the movie we all wanted to see, but we took too long eating lunch, and by the time we got there, the next showing was at 4:10, which was after the time Mom and Steve were scheduled to be done cleaning. I brought it up as we headed to the mall to shop around while we waited for the movie to start, and Sarah was like, "They'll be fine." I really should know by now that Sarah is not to be trusted in such matters, because they really didn't seem fine when we finally got here. They were nice enough, but an, "Oh, we're fine." would have been really helpful in putting my mind at ease, because I did apologize several times.

The movie made us really happy though. We never looked up the cast or anything, so when the opening credits said "Jesse McCartney as Theodore," both our jaws dropped. When we were growing up, we were always color coded, so I was Alvin, Athena was Simon, and I think we made Celeste Theodore, but the point is he's the one we didn't care much about (sorry Theodore!) before. But now that he's Roxas, of course we like him much better. And he was so cute, too!

Our two complaints about the movie were 1) when you have a character as great as Alvin (he's seriously Blooregard Q. Kazoo's predecessor), you need to have him show up in your movie more, and 2) their choice of programming. The first time it came on, I told myself they were just watching Danny Phantom or Fairly OddParents and just didn't change the channel (since they had been doing other things before the show woke Dave up), but then it just kept showing up, and I'm not sure I can keep up with that reasoning. I mean, why wouldn't FOP have woken him up then, right?

But the animation and attention to detail was really great. I loved how Simon was so protective of Theodore, and how (at least in the one number) Theodore danced just a little slower than the others. I do kind of feel like Simon and Theodore were in the movie more than Alvin, though. Ah well.

We also discovered today another one of the problems with living in a bubble. We walked into the theater and saw the poster for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (I think the title's a little long, but I guess so is Raiders of the Lost Ark), and we're like, "How did we not know about this!?" And Sarah's boyfriend is like, "You didn't know about that? They were here in Fresno filming, at the airport." We live like ten minutes away from the airport! (Or so we've heard; we've never actually been, but) Aaaaaaugh!

I thought, since sometimes it takes a super long time to finish movies, that maybe it was before we moved here, but thinking about it, we've been here three years, and it only takes that long to make a movie if it's fully animated, and then only sometimes. Also, when I asked him, he said it was just last August. Aaaaaaaaaugh!

Oh well.

Anyway, that's what we want for our birthday--somebody to take us to see Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I guess it'll be Crystal Skull for short?

Today I'm thankful for Chipmunk covers, getting to see Alvin and the Chipmunks (now we have to Netflix the animated movie), having a newly cleaned apartment, having had time to calm down, and not using all our quarters on DDR so now we have that much more for laundry. They really should put a change machine in the laundry room.

Oh! And another story I forgot. We were driving home and Sarah's boyfriend asked what streets we live on, and for some reason when we said Willow, the movie got brought up. And Sarah's like, "There's a movie?" And we're like, "!!!!!!" And then we're like, "Duh, there's a movie! Don't you remember, Jonathan had the video game... before you were born. We feel old." It's true, though, Jon got a Nintendo for his fifth birthday, and the Willow video game with it, and Sarah wasn't born until a year later. Wow.