January 25th, 2008



We're finally done reading! Yaaaaaaaaayyyy!! Well, we're finally done with the required reading, anyway. So now we're all ready to get to work on Monday, and very excited too, because we like this series a lot.

In the meantime, we have other things to worry about. Steve called last night to see if Saturday would be okay to come clean, like he and Mom promised they'd do at Christmas. Now we're a little worried because we remember the one time our manga was put into grave danger by Steve's carelessness, and we don't want them to damage any of our stuff. Also, we're not sure if they might throw away anything that would look like junk to them. The idea is that we'll be away from the apartment while they're cleaning, because they'll be using a bunch of chemicals, and we have a fear of chemicals. This was originally something we wanted to have happen, because we are afraid of chemicals, but it has now become another point of concern, 1) because we're afraid for our stuff, and 2) because the plan was originally to go to a movie with Celeste and Sarah but seems to have changed to going to some unspecified place with just Sarah (who is a lot less motivated when with just the two of us) and maybe her boyfriend.

Of course, we may not have to worry about being third and fourth wheels (normally a fourth wheel would be a good thing, I think...), because this weekend is also the ward's snow trip and neither of us can see how Sarah would not be going. Unless she has some color guard thing. I guess we can see how she wouldn't be going. At any rate, the whole thing is just far too vague for us to be comfortable with it right now, but in the meantime, all we can do is make sure anything they might see as junk that we want to keep is safely stashed in our bedroom (Mom and Steve will be under strict orders not to touch our bedroom).

But in much happier news, today we got our Usa-chan and Kuma-chan (of Host Club fame)! They're so cute, too! They're a little bigger than we expected them to be, but that means they're just the right size! If our camera had batteries, we'd take pictures of them. But we were afraid to take them out of their plastic for fear of damaging them somehow, so right now they're hiding in a box in our room. After Toy Story 2, I wonder about doing that, though... I always liked Kuma-chan; it made me sad when Honey called it ugly in his image song. And I thought Honey was nicer than that.

Today I'm thankful for adorable new plushies, being ready to get to work on Monday, V8 Fusion, people being kind enough to clean our apartment for us, and the weather being relatively nice (not raining) for the mail carrier today.