January 24th, 2008


We have been reading manga ALL DAY!!!

So now it's time to be doing something else. We love reading manga, but we seem to have some sort of condition where our brains start to go fuzzy if we're staring at books for too long. As Athena puts it, basically, we need to come up for air. I guess that's an indication of how deeply we tend to immerse ourselves in things--the same thing happens if we're watching too much TV.

As I've sort of mentioned, our next assignment is volume 6 of a series we haven't translated any of before, so now we need to catch up on the back numbers. I just finished volume 4, and Athena just finished volume 3. We're kind of slow readers, and it took us about three hours for the last one book each of us read (I like to think that as slow as it takes us to read stuff, we take in that much more of what we read), so while it is possible for us to get all caught up so we can start translating tomorrow, we really want to play video games and stuff.

Today I found the Disney Movie Catalog for this month. I don't know if we can ask them to stop sending them, since they tell us about the featured title through e-mail anyway, but I like to get the little bonus thingies that come with them. Like when At World's End was the featured title, we got Pirates of the Caribbean temporary tattoos. I was really excited for this one, because we should have got a bonus thingie for Meet the Robinsons, but they didn't have one this month!! Oh, Disney Movie Club, why do you always treat us so?

Anyway, going back to the original subject, taking more time off to read manga will also give us more time off to do things like look for the paperwork we need to copy and send to the Better Business Bureau. ...yay!

I feel like I had something else to take about, but I can't remember what it is. Oh yeah! When I was reading, Oreo came and sat on my lap. I like when Oreo sits on my lap. But I was sitting cross-legged. And Oreo is a very heavy cat. I was seriously afraid I'd let some serious damage fall on my knee. Fortunately, the pain went away after I straightened my leg out in less than a minute! Oh! Unbelievable! (Somehow, that seems to work a lot better when the original language is Japanese. Maybe I should try yet another language...)

Today I'm thankful that my knee doesn't seem to have sustained any lasting damage, getting to read a great new series for work, getting to spend a rainy day bundled up with a book, getting to come up for air, and having some cookies left for today's snack time.