January 19th, 2008



Today has been one of those days where being in the car drains my energy away. We had made plans with Mom to go to Jo-Ann's and go grocery shopping, but due to extenuating circumstances, Steve and his kids came along too. I'm not sure why, but somehow this made the errands that much more tedious. It probably had something to do with having two bored children along. But at least we got to go to In & Out.

We ended up not getting anything at Jo-Ann's, sadly. We did find some great fabric for Ouran uniform pants... at $25 a yard. But since I'd already fallen in love with it and Ouran is a rich kid school, then we couldn't justify going with the cheaper polyester. Fortunately, they picked us up soon enough after we'd woken up that we'd forgotten to check the pattern for how much fabric we'd need, so it was a lot easier to put it down and say we'll wait for a sale on suiting. We didn't get anything else because I wasn't sure what else we wanted. We're sort of maybe planning on doing +ANIMA and Marie & Elie cosplay, but nothing really stood out.

After Jo-Ann's, we went to the mall to buy shoes for Steve. That ended up being far more boring than we expected, but we did take the opportunity to wander over to the suit section and check what material things were made out of. Wool/silk blend. That sounds about right for Ouran. Ho boy.

We stopped by Mom's place and left everybody but Mom behind (and got lots of Danish butter cookies! Yay!), then went to Game Stop. There was surprisingly little of interest there, but Mom got a DS game and then we went to PetSmart. Athena's been wanting to get a fancy water dish with a fountain for the cats, so we were trying to decide which one to get when a lady walked up looking official. We asked her for advice, and talked for awhile, and then it turned out she wasn't actually a PetSmart person, but someone there to promote this new cat food. (Well, maybe it's not that new; we're not sure.) Apparently this guy's come up with a way to make dry pet food without using all the preservatives and stuff that's normally in there, and it's got all sorts of vitamins and things. It sounded like just what our cats need, especially when she told us that her cat doesn't cough up many hairballs, and when she asked a specialist, the specialist said it might be because her cat doesn't eat as much corn (because it's not in this new food like it is in most other food). So we figured we'd give it a shot. They seem to like it so far, anyway, but that might just be because they've been out of dry food for three days.

We talked to Mom about the Better Business Bureau, and she says it's not worth it, and that most people don't bother checking with the Better Business Bureau until after they've been scammed, so when the lady told me that people have asked about us, she was probably trying to make a sale. But we still can't help thinking what if she's wrong and maybe it was Disney or something. Also, she was cranky at the time we brought it up, so when she started arguing, she did it in a way that automatically made me rebellious. Oh, we're so conflicted.

At the grocery store, we bought more Hello Panda, which is our new favorite Japanese snack. I just wanted to bring that up.

And when we got home, Athena's clarinet repair kit was in the mail! We're very excited about this. I want to hurry and play duets, but I think she might want to practice on her own first. (Athena: Yeah, that'd probably be a good idea. 'Cause I haven't played in like twelve years.) We're going to have to find more sheet music.

Today I'm thankful for Hello Panda, clarinet repair kits with self-adhesive cork, fries dipped in milkshakes, being home from running errands, and having more Danish butter cookies.