January 16th, 2008



Finally we have ordered Meet the Robinsons!! And now the fact that we did end up ordering it from the Disney Movie Club after all that waiting makes me realize that we really do never get out, and it might be a good idea to take advantage of that clearance sale and order a Disney lamp, rather than waiting for a chance to go to Target for a less expensive one. With the sale, a lamp from Target wouldn't cost much less anyway. Hmm.

Anyway. What was I going to talk about today? That's right! We finished Neo Angelique. Or rather, we got an ending. And of course it was the sad and lonely ending. Although for Neo Angelique, the sad lonely ending isn't actually sad and lonely. We were almost ready to start it up again right there, since we had an hour and a half before a Daily Show, and we were both pinned by cats so we couldn't get the DS and play Revenant Wings. But, realizing that it's not all that easy to try to focus on two games at once, we decided against it and ended up watching Demetri Martin on Comedy Central instead. He's a very funny person. One of his jokes was that he knows a lot of chocoholics, but he's never seen any chocohol. It must be true, because Firefox is telling me the former is spelled correctly, while the latter isn't. We thought that was really funny, because, grammar Nazis that we are, we talk about the same kinds of things. But then he mentioned workaholics, and, since I talk about workaholism all the time, I was like, "Oh."

Today we got Death Note from Netflix, so now we finally get to see what all the excitement is about. ...and I guess I don't have much else to say on that, since we haven't seen it yet.

Oh, of course!! That was the other thing! I hope I haven't bored people away yet, because this one's important. Well, sort of important. Steve's kid's middle school finally got back to him and we're going to go over there to talk to the anime club in February. I asked Steve if they wanted us to prepare anything specific for it, but he hadn't asked, so he said he would and now we're waiting. Our current plan is to bring some English manga, some Japanese manga, and a few of the manga magazines we have. I think it would be cool if we could give some stuff away, too, but we're too possessive, oy.

But the most important thing is what are we going to wear? Saiyuki is pretty well known, so Goku and Hakkai costumes might be good, but that's an "older teen" series, and regardless of what the kids are actually reading, we should probably be mindful of the fact that we will be at a middle school. My first thought is Risa and Riku from DN Angel, because they're in school uniforms, but it's going to be February, which means still cold. And we have their summer uniforms. Maybe we should make some new costumes, like Marie and Elie, since they're teachers kind of. And then there's the question of whether or not we want to cosplay something we translate. Or maybe we'll just wear normal clothes, but that's boring. We're definitely going to need to think about this.

Today I'm thankful for well-timed Demetri Martin specials, opportunities to talk to fellow anime fans, having finally ordered Meet the Robinsons, dark chocolate M&Ms, and having time to decide what to cosplay.