January 15th, 2008



Last night our dinner was interrupted with a sudden pounding at the door. This was a bit startling, so I got up and looked out the peephole, and it was our sister, looking tired. I opened the door and she said she was being followed, then tumbled inside. That was about the most exciting part, which is fortunate, but it kind of sounds like the beginning of a fantastic adventure, so when I type it up it almost seems disappointing. Key word being "almost."

She stayed for about forty-five minutes, a large part of which was pretty awkward because she didn't say anything for some reason. I was a little worried about her when she left, but then I remembered that she's been taking kick-boxing for almost a year now, and her instructors keep telling her what a natural she is. I kind of wondered why she needed to come to our place at all, but then Athena pointed out that the best way to stay safe from trouble is to avoid being in the kind of situation where you need kick-boxing.

After that, we finally had our chance to watch the Goku episode of Saiyuki Burial. This time they did a much better job of hiding the lack of movement. If it was me, I definitely would have directed it differently, but it was alright, and I really like the way they did all the colors.

And the rest of our life is currently filled with manga. It's a manga-palooza!! Or it will be, when all the manga gets here. It turned out we needed to get a manga that we didn't order yesterday, so we made another order today. Only this time, we ordered it from a different Kinokuniya, because the one we ordered from yesterday didn't have the HaruToki we want. I guess we might need to start calling it Haruka, since both the manga and the anime have been licensed and that's what it's being called... but HaruToki is so much more fun to say! *whine* I guess we'll see what happens. But the first DVD comes out right in time for our birthday, so that's exciting. And, as an added birthday bonus, there's no dub! Though I guess a lot of people would consider that the opposite of a bonus, but not us, and that's the important thing (to us).

We checked to see if any of the Kinokuniyas on the West Coast had the Japanese version of Cipher, since liannesentar mentioned it, and we thought we ought to look into it (it being about twins and all). But apparently the manga is out of print or otherwise unavailable to Kinokuniya, and we decided against getting the novels. Thinking about it now, that was a wise decision, because we seem to have enough to read as it is. But anyway. It seems that CMX has a knack for getting manga that's out of print, which makes me wonder if they would be the ones to convince to get The Violinist of Hameln. I'm not sure if we could be the ones to translate that one, but it would be awesome to have more people read it.

And our home teacher is coming over in about forty-five minutes, so it's time to finish up and get back to the manga-palooza! (There is some stuff here for us to read, after all.)

Today I'm thankful for our sister making it to our place safely (we really should have told her to call and let us know she made it home safely; we have no sense of... whatever it is that makes you tell people to call and let you know they're safe), manga-palooza, Kamichama Karin character songs, home teachers coming over, and desks.