January 13th, 2008


We were remembered!!

In case anybody was wondering, our friend remembered!! Yay! It was actually after we had played some Neo Angelique and gotten to the part that really made us wonder what the game would have been like if we'd gone for Nyx first. Then we broke for dinner, and were watching the end of an episode of Women of Ninja Warrior (aka Kunoichi), and our friend called. I was a little sad, actually, because by then we were obviously in Neo Angelique mode, and now we wouldn't get to play more or watch Saiyuki Burial. But then she got here and we got to have a miniature Host Club marathon, and that more than made up for it.

We were so terrible during it, though, because we were constantly correcting the subtitles. Not that the translations were inaccurate, just that they weren't as funny and/or dramatic as they could be. It really made us wonder, because when we read the Pop Culture Shock reviews of Hockey Club we mentioned the other day, one of them said that Hockey Club is a lot like Host Club, only it focuses more on comedy (visual gags, to be specific). So that made us wonder what the translation of the Host Club manga is like, because last night, we realized again how important it is to pay attention to turn of phrase.

A really interesting thing I noticed while watching Host Club last night is there seems to be added foreshadowing. Like at the end of episode five, when it does a super close up on Kaoru, looking sideways at Hikaru. Based on what Hatori-sensei says in the manga, it seems like when she wrote that chapter of the manga, she hadn't thought far enough ahead to the whole Karuizawa thing and the whole Hikaru & Kaoru story, which would explain why there's no foreshadowing there. So it's really cool that the director (or maybe it was the writer?) was able to take those later stories and tie them together like that. The whole animation team on Host Club is just incredible. Like the way they changed the nanny story to blend it with Tamaki recruiting Hikaru & Kaoru to the Host Club, without really detracting from it. Although it is a little sad that we missed their spending time with her in the anime, because as it was, I was like, "Now, why did they like her?"

Anyway, now our friend is hooked, so it's very convenient for her that she was just made my new visiting teacher. Tadah! It's also very convenient for Athena, because she's her visiting teacher. Now if one of my visiting taught ends up being Athena's visiting teacher, that would be perfect!

Today I'm thankful for those super delicious brownies the Relief Society teacher brought today, getting to watch anime with people, having visiting teaching appointments (with more plans to watch Host Club), having mounted our whiteboard on the wall in a way that looks like it won't fall down again, and having finally put up our 2008 calendar so we can know what day of the month it is (we were getting so bad at keeping track of the date, my goodness).

If any of you lack wisdom...

While I was in church today, learning about Joseph Smith, I was reminded how much I really like Joseph Smith's writing style. I thought I might post an excerpt of his writing today in my daily entry, but I figured I'd written enough today, and since we'll be learning about Joseph Smith for the next two years, I figured I'd have plenty of other opportunities. But I decided that I ought post it anyway.

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