January 12th, 2008


Was that a tumbleweed?

Wow, I hope everybody's out having a ton of fun or something, since LiveJournal seems pretty empty today. Our Saturday's been pretty laid back. Just listening to our new CDs and reading manga. And going to the 7-11 to buy milk and bread. And Snickers ice cream bars! You know just one of those has about fifty percent of your recommended daily value of saturated fat? I don't know why we always look at the nutrition facts, since we don't really pay them any mind after that. Athena says that it's just in case it ever so happens we have enough food stocked in our house that we need to be careful not to get fat. We actually have a nasty habit of not eating enough. It comes from not liking to eat and do other things at the same time, and having so many other things we want to do. But enough about that.

We watched disc 3 of Twelve Kingdoms last night and I am almost convinced that there is someone in the Fresno area determined to scratch up every anime DVD at Netflix. This is like the millionth (or fifth) time we've gotten a disc that just stopped at one or more (in this case four) points in the DVD, and we had to do some careful maneuvering with fast-forward and rewind to get as much of the show as possible. It makes me sad that there are people out there who don't take good care of anime DVDs, or any DVDs for that matter. (Incidentally, we never seem to have had problems when Netflixing non-anime DVDs (and we have rented a few).)

On Sunday we made plans for a friend to come over and watch anime, but, although we've learned from much experience that if you don't set a time chances are the other person will forget, we did not set a time. I want to say it's because we hate being tied to a schedule? I also think it has a lot to do with when we were in college. Because then it's just a matter of, "Hey, come on by after class!" "Okay!" And apparently we've never broken out of that, which is especially ironic because it didn't always work so well then, either. We really do never learn. Oh well. Either way, we're set for an awesome night with either an anime party or hours playing video games (with some time off to watch the Goku chapter of Saiyuki Burial! Eeee!).

But first, we need to get started on the Thing that's been in the works. More on that when it's more official.

Today, I'm thankful for people who are kind to DVDs, Snickers ice cream bars, fancy CD covers with interchangeable card jacket thingies, a chance for some exercise, and DVDs about chibi-Goku♥.
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