January 7th, 2008


Fruits Basket 21

Last night we beat Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and saw "deep dive" for the first time, not that it matters now that KH2 has been out so long. But it was awesome.

Kingdom Hearts does remind me of Motoko from Fruits Basket though, for reasons that only need to make sense to us, and that brings me to Fruits Basket volume 21. If any of you have seen Weiss Kreuz, you'll know that Omi is the type of character that's just so sweet and lovable but has so much bad stuff happen to him that the whole time they're going into his story you're like, "Awwwwwww, he needs hugs." We decided that that's what "itoshii" means whenever it shows up in Fruits Basket. And that definitely describes this volume.

Collapse )

Well, I think that about covers it. We turned the translation in before lunch, despite our very late start, and then we started on I Hate You More Than Anyone, which is much scarier to translate. Much, much scarier. But we're not too worried, because we have plenty of time before deadline.

Today I'm thankful for Yuki being awesome, kitties asleep on dance pads, finally having seen "deep dive," having a Mimsy on my lap, and getting to watch the history of Pixar Shorts.