January 5th, 2008


Ha ha!

We are finished! ...well, sort of. We finished our preliminary translation of Fruits Basket 21, but we still have to go over it again and tweak everything. Oh Natsuki Takaya and her crazy spread out context. I was going to say that we're too loopy to type up a coherent review right now, but the truth is it's just that we've spent all day working, and I want to get to the video games ASAP. That may or may not happen, as we might decide to finish the translation up so we can turn it in first thing Monday, but we are definitely too loopy to keep working right now, so we at least need a break. We should be able to turn it in on Monday either way, fortunately.

Of course, the problem with not typing a review is that then I don't know what to type about, because we just spent the whole day working on Fruits Basket. Oh! There was the incident with Oreo. He's gotten into the habit of jumping up onto Athena's lap because it's easier to get to, and then using her as a stepping stone to get to my lap, which we guess is more stable? So he was about to do that again, but he had to wait for Athena to move into a better position, and Athena's like, "Okay, I'm moving. I'm nothing but a stepladder to you cats!" So he jumped up onto her lap and stayed there. Awwwwwww!

Apparently Mimsy uses Athena as a stepladder, too. I guess my arms are in the way because I'm typing.

And we lost one of the magnets off of our whiteboard when it fell off the wall. It must be hanging out with the marker that is also lost.

Well, I guess that's all I got. Today I'm thankful for not having a power outage, having groceries, this volume not being as text-heavy as most Fruits Basket manga, most likely having time to play video games today, and Host Club songs.