January 2nd, 2008


Why, Disney Movie Club? Why?

Here we've been waiting patiently all this time for Meet the Robinsons to be the Disney Movie Club's featured title. It came out around the same time as Ratatouille, and I guess I can understand them choosing Ratatouille first. Then the next month was the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and of course they're going to make that the next featured title. But we were patient, and were like, "Well, we reallly want Meet the Robinsons, but we have other things to do; we can wait another month." So what's the featured title now? High School Musical 2. Yay.

But they're saying Meet the Robinsons will be joining the club soon, so now it's a question of which will come first--our actually finding ourselves at some place that's selling DVDs or next month when it better be the featured title. At any rate, we still can't order it from there.

In other news, apparently the Wildlife Explorer people are trying to get out a lot of pent up anger or something, because we got two new samples recently, and one was a bunch of vicious creature trading cardy things, and the other was a DVD on nature's killers or some such.

Also, I can't type worth beans. Athena says that's just as well, because we don't want any beans anyway.

I'm noticing once again that work makes such a convenient excuse for not doing other productive things. Registering for AX, for example. (We actually did that on Monday; it really is just an example.) It only takes about ten minutes at the very longest, but we don't want to deal with it, so we're like, "Eh, we have work. When we're less busy with work we can take care of it." This is very dangerous when we're working on Hiyokoya (aka Pick of the Litter, in stores now!) and our next project is scheduled to be I Hate You More Than Anyone. So I guess we just have to deal with less video game time. Sad.

But! we got our first Netflix DVD of the new year, and it's Genshiken! Tadah! Netflix remembered our entire queue from before we canceled almost two years ago. That's so sweet of them! (And easy, since it's just a matter of not deleting the info, probably.) And we will be watching that... some time. Maybe tonight! Hiyokoya got us wanting to play Neo Angelique and Revenant Wings, simultaneously! though, so we'll see.

Today I'm thankful for clean towels, potential cosplay plans, chocolate-toffee-almond "oranges," getting to see that episode of Scrubs that we kept seeing the one before it and it always said "to be continued" and we never caught the next one, and strings of modifiers.