January 1st, 2008


Happy New Year!!

It's January 1st and we're already in workaholic mode. Actually, it started yesterday. We remembered that January can sometimes be very busy translation-wise, so we figured it'd be best not to slack off. The only problem with it is we're on Hiyokoya, which goes very slowly anyway, and we have two video games distracting us. So I guess if you want to get really technical, we're not in workaholic mode, because we're constantly thinking, "Okay, can we stop and go play video games now?"

And I just added "okay" to our Firefox spell-check dictionary, because apparently Firefox doesn't like to spell it out. That reminds me of the one time I was chatting with Celeste on AIM, and I said "'kay," and she said there were way too many letters in that sentence.

Anyway, apparently they don't show the Rose Parade here in Fresno. It's been a long time since we watched the Rose Parade, but this year we were remembering how nice it was growing up to have it on in the background while everyone slowly climbed out of bed and went on to play with Christmas toys. So we thought it would be nice to watch some of it again, but we couldn't. We were a little worried that they'd stopped doing it, but we saw a headline at Yahoo! or somewhere that said it did happen today, so that's good at least. And we probably wouldn't have watched it long, because, like I said, we're in workaholic mode. And we get bored easily. The Rose Parade is so slow-paced compared to everything they have at Disneyland.

In completely random news, we didn't want to go to bed after the countdown last night, so we went around looking at various anime and manga websites. We found ourselves at the Nakayoshi website, where they have Mermaid Melody fortune-telling! We input our birthday and found out that since we were born on Friday, we're purple mermaids, and we'd be most compatible with guys born on Saturday, apparently. We also got three very shiny new Kamichama Karin wallpapers! (I'm such a sucker for pretty wallpaper.) It's kind of sad that we didn't really get to be Koge-Donbo fans until after she came to AX. Maybe she'll come back.

And now Athena has just mounted our new whiteboard on the wall. We didn't have it up before, because where she wanted to put it had a calendar partially in the way. But now we have a shorter calendar, so there's room! Tadah! So now we can write down when all our upcoming deadlines are in list form. Of course we marked them on the calendar, too, but if a deadline was at the beginning of the next month, it was easy for it to sneak up on us come time to turn the page on the calendar. This way, we're in for less surprises. Tadah! (again!)

Today I'm thankful for a shiny new year, being able to mount our whiteboard, having pretty new wallpapers, giant Pixie-Stix, and it now finally being time to go play video games.