December 26th, 2007


'Twas the day after Christmas

The week after Christmas has always seemed kind of weird, because with Christmas being so huge, it's hard to think of there being any time left in the year when it's over. Then again, Christmas this year was kind of weird, because it's been so long since we've done a lot of the stuff we used to do all the time (make new anime costumes, school stuff, etc.) that it was kind of like, "Wow, Christmas. People still do that?" Eheh.

Anyway, I'd say our Christmas was alright. It started out pretty rough, because it turned out that Celeste was the one to pick us up for Christmas Eve, and she was In No Mood. And then we weren't ready because we had a bunch more stuff to get ready than usual, so we argued, and it was bad. But after we got there and had dinner and stuff, Celeste got to go talk to some boy online about whether or not he had a crush on her, so she was back in high spirits.

We brought our video of Muppet Christmas Carol, but since Mom's TV broke and they got the new one, their new setup hasn't had a VCR, and Celeste didn't think to bring her DVD of it, so we ended up watching Elf instead. It was good that we got to watch it, because Sarah wanted to watch it together on Thanksgiving and we ended up not, but part of the reason for that is that I don't really like that movie, and on Monday I was reminded why. I think there are two big problems I have with movies like Elf. The first is that, in order to keep the movie going, all the characters have to have lots and lots of misunderstandings because no one communicates properly because they all assume that everyone in the world knows everything they do, when obviously the other party doesn't. And nobody ever bothers to explain anything. The second is that for those miscommunications and lack of explanations to continue, there can't be any characters that I like.

Before the movie, though, we opened the pajamas Mom got for us! Yay! They're all warm and fuzzy. And we were even more pleasantly surprised to discover that when Mom called and asked us what our shoe size was, it wasn't to get us new shoes (we're not really "shoe" people), but fuzzy slippers (which somehow don't count as shoes)! And they are very fuzzy and very warm and very happy♥

We stayed the night at Mom's house, which wasn't a bad experience, but one I'd rather not repeat for some reason. But it did make things easier as far as transportation.

We decided to open the mysterious package Dad sent us first. Apparently he and his wife had filled stockings for us! Athena and I got collectible Yu-Gi-Oh marbles!! I'm not sure if Dad knows the joke about our love-hate relationship with Yu-Gi-Oh, but they were the only anime-related gifts either of us got (unless you count the video games that we sort of got for ourselves), so he gets points either way.

Then Celeste and Sarah and I opened the presents we got for them. We decided not to wrap a present for Athena, and Celeste's present to Sarah is still in transit from wherever it's being shipped from. But they all loved their presents, and Sarah started learning Spanish right away (we got her My Spanish Coach for Nintendo DS), and Mom even watched an episode of Scrubs with us! (She liked it, but thinks it's inappropriate in some places, which is exactly the opinion we expected her to have.)

When Steve's kids got there, we opened the rest of the presents. Athena and I got some nice shirts, and Katamari Damacy (which I guess is also anime-related, since so much of it is left in Japanese (dude, they didn't even translate the title)), and a promise from Mom and Steve to come do deep cleaning in our kitchen and bathroom. We've played a little Katamari Damacy, and we can see how it's so addictive, but we've decided not to become addicted ourselves, mostly because we have so many other games to play that we don't have time to be addicted. But Minekura-sensei plays it with her assistants, so now we feel like we're more "in." My one complaint is that it gave me the idea that we really should have considered having Ayame use the royal "We," and that makes me sad. It would have been so awesome. We'll just have to keep it in mind for future Ayame-like characters.

The rest of the day was actually pretty boring until we had to go back to our apartment for the wireless receivers for our dance pads (so we could have two people playing DDR). That actually worked out really well, because the two of us and Mom all needed a break by that time. And we got a chance to discuss the Family Issues with Mom without it turning into an argument.

When we got back, it was time for some DDR, and that makes everything better. Mom played some, too, and it was very cute to watch. I think she wants to get it for herself now (since Kimee will theoretically take the game to her mom's house).

But after a while, it was time to start playing Sing Star again. That game drives us crazy, because we absolutely love karaoke, but we don't know any of the songs, because we don't listen to the radio or anything. And then Steve decided it was time to watch a movie, and after Mom made a bunch of chocolate-oatmeal cookies, we went home. Tadah!

And now we have candy up the Wazoo.

Today I'm thankful for getting lots of pages translated today, Katamari Damacy, having a supply of candy that will surely last us a very long time, fun new translation ideas (definitely gotta remember the royal "We"), and having fancy Canadian money.

Speaking of fancy Canadian money, umadoshi, thank you so much for the card! We actually got it on Christmas Eve, which can either be chalked up to the post not being as bad as you think, our having enough faith in the post for all of us, or a Christmas Miracle.

PS: Ten years ago today, we got our first annual passports to Disneyland, and went on Space Mountain for the first time. That makes us feel old.