December 24th, 2007


Posting early

We have been informed that Mom will come pick us up "at some point" to take us to her house for Christmas Eve festivities. We have no idea when "some point" is, so the first thing we did was wrap all the presents we bought for people that aren't each other, and now it's time to update Live Journal to make sure we get it in today.

We don't really know what all we're doing this Christmas Eve, except that Mom seems to want everybody to watch White Christmas. And of course, we will be watching Muppet Christmas Carol. Or at least we will be watching it, even if we have to stay up all by ourselves to do so.

Mom also tells us that Sarah is campaigning to have everybody stay the night over there. This is probably mostly because it's nice to have your sisters together for a sleepover, especially on nights like Christmas Eve, but also partially because everybody hates driving, so Celeste's not even going to want to go to her own apartment, let alone take us to ours, just to sleep and go back to the same place. We wouldn't have any problems with this idea if not for two things: Mimsy and Oreo.

I mean, imagine. Your two best friends have been gone all day, they don't come back all night, so you're sad and lonely and cold (we think the reason we tend to find cats asleep on top of us in the morning is that people make good heat sources) on Christmas morning, and to top it all off, you don't get breakfast. I mean, even if the cats don't care about us that much, that would be a pretty irritating Christmas morning. But then again, the cats probably don't care about what day it is, so they probably won't be telling stories about it being the Worst Christmas Ever or anything like that.

There's not a whole lot of other news, except that the only thing we haven't done in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix is figure out how to kill the Pink Agaricuseseses. This wouldn't be a problem because they go into Jiminy's journal regardless and they're so adorable who would want to kill them anyway, but we're pretty sure they have the last item we need to do all the synthesis stuff, and when you've just spent hours upon hours doing every other sidequest in the game, it's kind of sad to be missing just that one tiny item. Especially since we even found the last postcard.

Today I'm thankful for the mystery man not being as difficult as Sephiroth, plans to spend time with family, having most of the presents wrapped, Disney Princess popcorn tins, and creative wrapping.

And I'm going to copy all our other friends and say we hope everybody who celebrates has a Merry Christmas, and everybody who doesn't has a fantastic day too!