December 12th, 2007


Christmas meme!

Nobody's updating today. I guess it kind of makes sense. We don't have a whole lot to talk about either. And of course there's finals and all that stuff.

It's like our productivity is getting worse by the day, though, my goodness. It did sort of pick up by lunchtime, though. Maybe that's because of the new characters! New characters are happy, especially when they're adorable like Kaede.

Hmm... for lack of interesting things to talk about, I'm going to go find that Christmas meme that hysteriachan posted on Thanksgiving.

Collapse )

Wow, that was kinda long. Today I'm thankful for being able to restore from saved draft after something at shut down our Firefox session, Kaede♥, Oreo in a box, getting to play "evil villain with a black cat" when Mimsy sits on my lap, and having more Sekaichi! Yay!