December 3rd, 2007


I have a very important question!!!!

How do you say "May I take your order?" in either French, Spanish, Italian, or German?

Other than that, life is... um... it's life. Last night was fun. Sarah had mentioned on Thanksgiving that her friends were looking for Menamena online and came across Boom Shakalaka. They thought it was the most awesome thing ever, and were really excited to show it to her, and that's how she found out none of them had seen Muppet Treasure Island. So we decided to bring our DVD, and since Sarah's boyfriend was there, he, and therefore she, were very excited to see it. I made the mistake of telling them we were obsessed with the movie for all of 1996, at which point Sarah pointed out that she was in first grade at the time, and we both then felt very old. We also felt old when the missionaries were there and Steve asked them both when they graduated high school and they said 2005, and then later when they asked us when we graduated college (2004). This is the problem with living in a world of manga, where the very oldest main characters tend to be 23. Ah well.

The point is, any guy who's excited to watch a Muppet movie has our permission to be Sarah's boyfriend.

Steve invited us over for next week, when they'll be having a family over in which the mother is Japanese and the daughter has started learning the language. He even said we could bring an Appropriate video. After we came home, I was staring at our DVD collection, trying to decide what would be good to bring, and I realized that we hardly own any inappropriate anime, but some of it might be considered inappropriate, because we know Steve is going to be really sensitive. Of course, when I talked to Mom about it today, she said I was being overly sensitive, which is partially true, but when I suggested bringing Princess Tutu to see if Steve was appalled at the nudity, she didn't take me on. That's okay; we wanted to watch Kaleido Star anyway.

It's just frustrating because the movies Steve watches with his kids are things like Adam Sandler movies, and last night the majority of the party was banished to the smaller bedroom so that Steve could watch his scary movie with Scott in surround sound. The only movies we've ever shown these kids are Disney or Muppet movies, and we're the ones who need to be warned about content? How is that fair?

Oh well. Complaining about it won't do any good, except to vent, which I've done now. And my former visiting teacher is planning to come over sometime soon to watch Princess Tutu, so it's all good, even if she is plotting to kill one of us. Our ward is playing an assassin game, where everybody who's participating is given a card with somebody else's name on it, and then they have to "kill" that person (stick a star sticker on them) and take their card as their new assignment. We're participating, but we're not allowed to kill anyone during church meetings, and now that we don't have a ride to Family Home Evening anymore, we won't be seeing anybody. So pretty much the two people we're assigned to kill are invincible until Sarah, who's also playing, gets one of us. Or my former visiting teacher, who's coming to watch Princess Tutu sometime soon.

Today I'm thankful for Danish butter cookies, Mom's homemade oatmeal cookies (with chocolate chips, no raisins), having a chance to talk to a native Japanese speaker soon, finally being done with our workday that ended up being longer than we expected, and it being snack time now.