November 28th, 2007


Today, we are attacked by ellipses.

Well, not so much attacked as surrounded by ellipses we're not sure what to do with. But anyway, yesterday, we went to Disneyland! We woke up at about two-twenty and got to bed by about one-thirty, so we weren't quite awake for twenty-four hours, but we were exhausted when we got home.

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And of course when we got back, we discovered that everyone had e-mailed us! Well, not everyone, but we were pleasantly surprised to finally hear from our editor at CMX again. We probably would have e-mailed him sooner or later anyway, because we hadn't heard from him in months, and we were starting to worry that I Hate You More Than Anyone wasn't selling very well and so they'd decided not to renew the license for volume five (so everybody go read it, because it's awesome!!! (our editor tells us the translation's good, too)).

So all in all, very good stuff happening (except for the Attack of the Ellipses), but very very tired. And Mom saw DDR in the Starcade and wanted us to play; that probably didn't help. But that's okay, because now we can go do resty things.

Today I'm thankful for having had an awesome day at Disneyland, getting to fulfill our lifelong dream since June of going on the Finding Nemo ride, hearing from our editor at CMX, having peanut butter heaven to look forward to later, and being back safe from a long day at Disneyland.