November 17th, 2007


Ghosts from the past

First of all, the second episode of our podcast is up! Please go listen to it!

Last night we were watching the end of Gundam Seed. All the stuff about the naturals and the coordinators wanting to completely wipe out the other side was reminding me of nezumiko's recent post on the end of the world, as well as the end of the Book of Ether, which we had just read that morning. (The Book of Ether is the record of a people who were so stubborn and hard-hearted that they killed everybody in a war, except for the one survivor from the winning side and the one prophet who had been living in a cave and staying out of everything.) So that had me all depressed and not really in a state of mind to deal with things when Mom called during the second-to-last episode and gave us something entirely different to worry about. Though fortunately it's much less apocalyptic.

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In other, completely random news, since we have a whole Schedule for Del Rey now, we have gotten a white board to write all our upcoming deadlines on. It came with magnets, so now we want to make little magnets of characters from stuff we translate to stick on the white board. Wouldn't that be adorable? (They'd be SD of course.)

Today I'm thankful for having corn Chex cereal, having a cute white board, having Gundam Seed on DVD, getting closer to our goal of watching all our owned anime before signing up for Netflix, and having those little chocolate fudge-filled balls from Palmer.