November 4th, 2007


Scattered thoughts

We didn't realize that we'd have a Relief Society lesson out of the manual today instead of next week (next week is Stake Conference), so we didn't get to read it before class. And the lesson was on Joseph Smith today, so that made me sad because I like reading about Joseph Smith. I'll just have to read it when I'm done with this.

Athena points out that when I mentioned Ueki yesterday, I didn't talk about Kishou Taniyama playing BJ with his crazy hip hop and fake American accent. Not that there's really much to say about it, though. We just wanted to point it out because it's funny.

I feel like most of the things I have to talk about on LJ are random little things that I don't have much to say about. Like how when we play HaruToki, every time the miko gets confused, she ends up killing Atsumori. So far that's happened twice, but it's still every time. And then Atsumori got confused and I guess he decided it was time for payback, but our miko is earth element, which is strong against Atsumori's water element, which is why she kills him every time but why he hardly scratched her. It's so sad, too, because when he dies he says, "I'm sorry... Miko..." Poor kid.

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Today I'm thankful for my better typing days, stretching, Joseph Smith, classical music, and elbows.