October 29th, 2007


More stuff and things

Yesterday we watched The Fox and the Hound. One of the extras on the special 25th anniversary DVD is the animated short Lambert the Sheepish Lion. This was one of our favoritest cartoons ever when we were growing up, and watching it again, it deserved to be. But this time, even though I liked it, it made me really mad at those stupid sheep. I mean, here's Lambert, a lion, the king of beasts! and he feels so inferior and insecure that he's reduced to practically nothing. All because of those stupid sheep. But I'm not sure how articulate I can be on that subject, so I'll just have to leave it at that.

Tonight's the ward Halloween party. We're still not sure we like this whole "not really dressing up" thing, but we don't have any other ideas, especially because most of our really awesome costumes are things we don't want to wear for Halloween activities, or have skirts that might be a little too short. Eheh. Or have too much of a tendency to be mistaken for cheerleaders. And this is serious--we really don't want to wear them for that reason.

Oh well.

Anyway... um... the main thing I've learned from working on the new Del Rey series is that there are about a million different Japanese sound effects to indicate different kinds of flashes of light. It's a little bit exasperating, but also quite amusing.

I wanted to talk about the anime we're watching, but we found out today that the Japanese government has asked the American government to crack down on anime downloading stuff. We can come up with a million reasons why downloading anime actually helps the industry, but they did ask us to stop, so for now at least, we feel like we want to honor their wishes. We know of a few Japanese websites where we can download stuff legally for a small fee, and since we watch stuff raw anyway that shouldn't be a problem, if we can figure out how their payment system and everything works. (There's a lot of unfamiliar kanji.) We're still deciding what we want to do about all this.

Today I'm thankful for plans going forward, packages arriving safely, Sailor Moon Musicals, Lambert the sheepish lion, and having ways to pass the time while not downloading anime.