October 4th, 2007

kid flash

Heart marks♥

I'm really not sure what to post about today. It's mostly just the same old stuff--being irritated with the new format and being driven insane by the roommate. That actually sounds really pathetic. Fortunately for us, we have other things to occupy our time so that those things aren't the main focus (except when we're working), but unfortunately, I can't think of a whole lot to write on those.

Other things I've thought about to write on mainly include punctuation. This is how you know I'm a language geek, although I'm sure I could be much more hardcore about it.

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And that's my essay on heart marks as punctuation, although I guess it's mostly just rambling. Eheh.

Today I'm thankful for heart marks♥, LJ cuts, nine-volt batteries, having Dark Stixx again, and having Pringles.