September 28th, 2007


Something else!

I was trying to think of a subject line, so Athena told me to just type up something, and if it sounded stupid to type something else. Something didn't sound stupid, but it had been done, so we went with something else.

We still haven't heard anything back about our thoughts on the new format, so we're still on vacation. Well, technically, we were planning to take today off anyway, but now it looks like our vacation might be extended to Monday at the least. It was kind of funny, because Mom took us to the FedEx store today, but she was really super busy, so she she got a little upset when we got stuck in traffic. So we said if there's anything we can do to help, we're not doing anything for a while, and despite her not really paying attention to our ongoing dialogue, she caught that much and got really worried. And we're like, "No, that doesn't mean we're going to starve; it just means we're not doing anything for a couple of days."

So instead we watched more Kaleido Star. I was thinking I wouldn't type anything about it again today, since I just typed about it yesterday, and it's all spoilery so no one's going to read anything about it anyway, but these episodes were just too awesome not to talk about.

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I can't wait to watch the last DVD! But we're not going to do it right now anyway, so I guess I can. We just can't watch too many DVDs in a day or we start to lose our minds. The only problem is that it's the weekend, so we don't know if we'll get the TV tomorrow, alas. Ah well, waiting is half the fun, right?

In the meantime, Tamaki's new song is one of our new favorites! You can tell how much Miyano-kun loves singing. It kinda makes you want to... well, be like Sora (from Kaleido Star, though Kingdom Hearts Sora is worth being like as well), I guess. And put on a show that will make everyone happy.

Today I'm thankful for Kanau Nara, awesome sword fights, Aasif Mandvi using the term "pas de deux" on the Daily Show two nights ago, knowing what "pas de deux" means, and the special mix of Mata Ashita.