September 26th, 2007



It's probably a good thing that we've had a considerable amount of time to calm down before writing this entry. See, after we turned in our translation today, we got an e-mail back pointing out that we didn't follow the new format that apparently was sent out to people at the beginning of the month. Our reaction was a mix of, "Oh no, we're sorry!" and, "Aw, man, we have to get used to another format?" But that's okay; at least we don't have to redo the translation (or the other one we turned in this month after missing the new guidelines), and we actually have the guidelines now, so we'll just take a little time getting used to them and then it'll be all good.

Or so we thought, until we looked at the new format and decided it's stupid and evil and we hate it. We're not sure what we're allowed to talk about or not based on the confidentiality clause in our contract, but suffice it to say, there were a lot of things that made us go, "They want us to do what!?" It may be that we shouldn't watch Scrubs so much, because Dr. Cox has become my hero because he tells people to stop being stupid, but he does it in a very mean way (albeit highly amusing), so I came up with a great many things to say about this new format that sounded very witty and clever (at least in my head), but were also very mean. And there were instances of stealing his lines directly. For example, a lot of the changes require the translators to do a lot of things that will take a lot of extra time, so we felt the quote, "But... when will I have time to kill myself?" was rather fitting. Not that we'd ever kill ourselves, of course.

Like I said, it's good that we calmed down, because we've managed to convince ourselves it's not so bad. Especially because at the end of the guidelines it says to please give feedback, which is exactly what we intend to do, only much more nicely than how we did it in our heads this afternoon. I really don't think we are that mean; it was just that we were very stressed at the idea of having to take up so much more time. Stress makes people extra mean, right? So it's good we've had time to de-stress. We bought DDR Supernova2, but either we have to unlock the song we want or it's not on the American release. Sadly, we forgot to bring our memory card over to our anime buddy's place where we played it (the only reason I dislike living on the second floor), so now we have to start all over. But it was nice to play DDR again after so long.

And tomorrow, we can finally listen to the Host Club CD we decided to interrupt in the middle because we were too stressed to enjoy new music properly. Sure it's mostly just a collection of the songs on the soundtracks, but it has a new Tamaki song!

Today I'm thankful for counting to ten (or y'know, 200,000) when you're angry, new mixes of DDR, being able to play them, taking the rest of the week off from translating, and being able to use whatever punctuation I want on Live Journal♥