September 25th, 2007


Where does the time go?

Today was just full of distractions. For one thing the phone didn't seem to want to stop ringing. Which isn't actually true because it pretty much stopped after we got a call from Celeste's not-boyfriend lackey who needs a new nickname now because he's gotten over the whole lackey thing. He called because when he came over on Sunday to bring Celeste chicken noodle soup (hm, I guess he hasn't entirely gotten over the lackey thing) we mentioned being interested in the Drawn to Life game for DS, so he rented it and wanted to come over to play it together. It's only a one-player game, so that didn't work out so much (though we did get to play it for a little bit and it's awesome; we're so getting our own copy) but we did get to play Band Brothers and Mario Kart. Overall it was pretty fun, and it was nice to talk to someone who's not us once in a while (though I think we make some pretty entertaining conversation, if I do say so myself *grin*).

The only little bitty problem we had with it is that the other big distraction we had today was the arrival of our order from CD Japan, which we didn't even know was coming because they hadn't sent us a shipping confirmation. It came when we were about ten pages away from finishing Nosatsu Junkie 6, so it was very difficult to focus for a bit there. If we hadn't been so close, we probably would have just opened the thing anyway, but we were so it was kind of hard. But we finally finished, and all we had left was the little extra stuff (the extras with Ikue, Chihiro, and Umi as brothers are great!), and the phone rang for the last time today. (Except for a follow up call asking what color Slurpees we wanted and when the pizza guy called to clarify directions to our apartment.)

Fortunately, our friend was running errands at the time he called and said he wouldn't be here for about an hour, so we knew we at least had time for the Gurren-Lagann CD we ordered. And it is a very happy CD. Gurren-Lagann makes us very very happy. Shimon and Kamina harmonize! Harmonize!! They're the best. I get very excited about voice actors harmonizing without the help of other backup singers.

And then we were also reminded that Yoko's song has a DDR mix. That's right--it's actually in Dance Dance Revolution. So we had to figure out which mix of DDR it was on, and as it turns out, our research tells us that it's on DDR Supernova 2, which was available for pre-order at one site, so Athena asked when it came out, and I remembered seeing 9-25-07, so I said September 25, and Athena said, "THAT'S TODAY!!!!" and we were like, "Whoa," a la Joey from Blossom. Talk about amazing timing. So we need to call our anime buddy and ask her to take us to Game Stop to get the game, and then to take us to her place so we can play it (we're on the second floor), which would work out excellently because Athena is her visiting teacher and hasn't done her visiting teaching yet. (We are both terrible visiting teachers.)

But then our day vanished into hanging out, which is good, because we never get to hang out. And now we're finally at the computer again and able to update, and we're convinced that we are not going to get a single normal day this week, because we also have to finish watching Kaleido Star: New Wings so we can listen to that CD which came today. I glanced at the back and saw one of the songs was titled "Angel Dust," and I was like, "Oh, that's pretty who sings it? Leon!? What, is that what he turns angels into?" With his evil jerkface powers. Stupid jerkface. And we're listening to our Gurren Lagann CD, because we still have things to do so we're not sure if we have time to listen to any of the others all the way through before the Daily Show. The only complaint I have is that Celeste is going to sleep, so the music is a lot quieter than I want it to be. Ah well.

Oh, and we watched Reaper. It was a really fun show, but we're still not sure how we feel about it other than that.

Today I'm thankful for awesome electric guitars, Shimon & Kamina harmonizing!, anime songs on DDR (this is seriously a dream come true. seriously. now if only they'd make an anime mix. I still think they could totally do a Gundam Mix of DDR.), getting to hang out and play DS, and not being killed by the tangy-ness of the raspberry Slurpees (not as murderous as the orange giant Smarties, but there was a lot more of it).
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