September 20th, 2007


Weird day

Today has been one of those days where nothing really weird happened, but it just feels really weird anyway. Maybe it's because it feels like winter all of a sudden. I don't think it's that we woke up later than usual, because that happens a lot. At any rate, translating was going almost impossibly slow for some reason (maybe it was the return of all the text that wasn't there so much in the first chapter of the book), and we almost just gave up on it in favor of Kaleido Star several times throughout the day. But we persevered, even finishing working through the CD that we paused partway through because Mom called, even though by the time I got off the phone with Mom it was past the time we usually call it a day. And behold, we translated thirty-seven pages today! Eheh.

Last night, we started playing with our new microphone. It's very shiny. The base is really smooth. I'm not sure why I kept noticing that. But it picks up voices really well. We're kind of excited and kind of scared of it. See, we hate listening to our own voices. Not that we don't like them--just that it feels too weird. Listening to the recordings we made yesterday, even Athena's voice sounded different than usual to me, and it was all very bizarre. But it's fun recording stuff, so now we just have to figure out what kind of stuff to record. We even downloaded Goldwave so we have something to edit with! But we're probably going to take it very slow, because not only are we scared of it, but we have other things to do.

I wish I had more to talk about today. LiveJournal's been kind of quiet, so I wanted to make some noise. But today's too weird. I think we need to go watch some anime or play some video games or something. Oh yeah! We finished Mori's ending on the Host Club game last night, so now we've gotten everything, and we can listen to the CD that came with it! So much to do.

Today I'm thankful for being able to work through the weirdness, kitties being able to keep their food down, spending enough time at the computer that it doesn't disconnect itself from the internet thereby stopping all our downloads, being done with work for today, and shiny new microphones to play with.