September 16th, 2007


Better than expected

It kinda figures that the one time we're actually enjoying spending time at Mom's place is the night Celeste and Sarah decide to go out and hang out with people, thus ending up taking us home early. It didn't occur to me until after we got here that since we took Sarah's car and Celeste would have to go back to get her car anyway that we could have stayed, but that would have felt wrong, so I guess it's just as well.

By way of explanation, nobody seemed to be very talkative during dinner, so we brought up the Fruits Basket debate because it was actually something about work that people could understand, and even though Steve doesn't like the Japanese people, he likes to be smart and since he served his mission in Japan, he can talk language. And so for once, the Twins got to talk about something they're interested in. Okay, that's not entirely true; sometimes we get to talk about Disneyland, but that usually doesn't last too long for some reason.

I think part of what helped the situation is that their TV was broken. People are too dependent on TV these days. Or something.

But anyway, here we are, which is actually a good thing, because now we have time for Kingdom Hearts. Except Athena's head hurts, so we might not play anyway. But our anime buddy came to church today and suggested we allow her to play our KH2, and to ensure its safe return, we would hold her KH1 hostage. We still haven't decided how we feel about that, but it doesn't matter for now, because we're adamant that she needs to play Chain of Memories first. She doesn't have a GBA, though, so instead, the idea is for her to come over and either she or Athena will play it with our fancy GameCube GBA Player (or whatever it's called; eheh). We're totally excited about this, because not only does it mean we get to read parts out loud, but dude, it's Kingdom Hearts! And it'll be a party! Well, more like a get together, which we're really better at anyway. And I've been wanting to have a Kingdom Hearts party for a loooooong time. So hopefully we'll actually work this out. But first, Athena wants to beat Final Mix, for continuity's sake, since we're almost really close to the end anyway. So we told our anime buddy to work on getting Another Side, Another Story and we'll work on beating Final Mix, and we'll see if we all have the patience for it before we just start Chain of Memories anyway.

The thought occurred to us that if we could get KH2 Final Mix +, then we could show her the Playstation version of Chain of Memories, which we really really really want to do (Miyano-kun♥), but then we realized that it would be entirely in Japanese, and interpreting as we go seems very impractical. But we might go ahead and get it anyway, because we realize that our original KH2 wouldn't be left out, because sometimes it's just nicer to relax and not have to switch the languages in your head, even if it's just for the menus and whatnot.

Incidentally, we chose not to go to the play yesterday, because there were too many things that we had sort of been planning/hoping to do before the invitation was extended, and we'd have to wait until Monday to do any of them if we went to the play. We also realized that we have way too many things to do for people as indecisive as we are. And I had more to say on that subject last night, but I've forgotten it now. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for homemade ice cream, Boboli pizza crust, plans for Kingdom Hearts parties, language discussions, and imaginary games of Disney Trivial Pursuit. See, right after we got to Mom's place, she and Steve went home teaching (they weren't expecting us to show up until later), so Celeste and Sarah went to get a game, and Celeste chose Disney Trivial Pursuit, so we set it up only to discover that the cards were gone. So we tried calling Mom and Steve to ask where the cards were, but both of them left their cell phones at home. So we talked for a while, and Celeste was playing with the game pieces, and filled one up with wedges, put it on the center of the board and said, "I win." So we set up the board to look like we had actually been playing, and decided that when Mom and Steve got back, we'd pretend Celeste had just won, and Athena and I would be like, "How did that happen!?" So that's what we did, and Mom asked if we got the cards from the other game, and we're like, "No, we just used the ones in this one," so Mom got the cards and said, "Here, play with these, too." She seemed kind of confused in a, "Maybe I'm remembering things wrong..." kind of way. But then we explained the whole thing and she just shrugged.