September 15th, 2007


I wanted to use a line from Taming of the Shrew here, but I don't know any

We got to watch Princess Tutu today! Yay! Our visiting teacher came over for that exact purpose, because she is hooked! Bwahahahahaha! She even wants to buy the complete set when it comes out, which reminds me we need to check when that is.

She had to go, so we stopped after three episodes (right at the end of disc 2; last time we stopped was right after the Sleeping Beauty episode--we have the worst timing), but we kept talking for a little bit afterwards, and since she's one of the Relief Society teachers, too, we talked about the lesson on gratitude that she's preparing. I'm really excited about it, because it's something like "Gratitude: the path to happiness," and more and more lately I think that when people start thinking like their life has gotten terrible, it has something to do with them not paying attention to how good they really have it.

Finally, before she left she invited us to join her and her friends to go see The Taming of the Shrew tonight. Our first reaction was, "But we won't have time for the other cool stuff we wanted to do!" mixed with, "If we say no, we'll destroy our chances of having any kind of social life!" which is totally untrue, but when analyzing why we've basically become shut-ins, it's not entirely unrealistic to trace it to when another girl from the ward would invite us to join people to play games and stuff and we kept saying no. Or rather, it seems like it's probably a big part of it, duh.

So we were really wishy-washy about it, especially because our transportation situation is not ideal. But as it turns out, our visiting teacher is pretty sure that our roommate (aka "our ride") will be going, too. This was only a surprise because we hadn't heard about it; we know that our roommate's friends are also our visiting teacher's friends. But how awkward would that be, since our visiting teacher offered to pick us up, if we showed up and there was our roommate, completely not expecting to see us there? The evil side of me almost wants to go just to see how she reacts.

But the good side of me thinks, "Oh! If all these people are interested in Shakespeare, joining them to see Taming of the Shrew would be a perfect lead-in for having a Romeo x Juliet party!" That would be pretty awesome.

So now we're at a point where we would be pretty happy with going or not going, but as our roommate has yet to return from getting her nails done (it's almost five and she left at noon; we don't know how long it normally takes to get nails done, but we figure not that long), we figure she went somewhere else afterwards. And since everyone is meeting in an hour for the play, it's doubtful that she'll come home before then. Of course, we could call our visiting teacher, but there's that whole fear of calling people thing. So right now we've decided to "play it by ear." I wonder how that came to mean what I think I'm using it to mean. I wonder if it really means that. Athena suggests it probably comes from jazz music.

Changing the subject, last night we watched Out of Jimmy's Head. The problem we have with this show is that it's a live action show on Cartoon Network. If Cartoon Network has to start showing live action because people aren't watching cartoons, then we know the situation is bad. We're hoping it's just an attempt to ease people into cartoons by having a live action show, much like the ones seen on the Disney Channel, to pull them in. They seem to have stolen the entire Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends team to work on it, so it has some really funny jokes, but some of the acting leaves a little to be desired.

Today I'm thankful for getting to share more Princess Tutu, being Invited, having Reese's peanut butter cups, window blinds, and cushions.