September 13th, 2007



Yesterday for Celeste's birthday, we had dippin' strips pizza from Pizza Hut. It was pretty funny, because we were watching TV and the commercial for it came on, and I was like, "We should be getting that exact pizza (only cheese and not pepperoni) any minute now!" And then there was a knock at the door! And the cats ran away. But that has nothing to do with the story, which is actually over now. Eheh.

I feel like even though it was Celeste's birthday yesterday, we were the ones getting all the presents. (Fortunately, Celeste went and had a party with her friends, and saw her visiting teacher, so she actually did get presents; we just didn't see it happen.) But anyway, in addition to the Kaleido Star DVDs, we got a package from another company trying to sell stuff to our fictitious business. It was really more of a thick envelope, but it had a free sample, and that's the important thing.

This company specializes in pocket planners. And these planners are fancy. They're bound in two different colors of leather, and have metal on the corners, and engraved on the cover is whatever phrase we want, but the free sample has "Compliments of Futago Translations." (We thought about taking a picture and posting it, but then we got lazy and didn't want to bother uploading, but if anyone is dying to see it, feel free to ask!)

Every other page of the planner has a famous quote on it, and the very first one on the one they sent us is credited to Confucius: "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." We felt it must be destiny, because that's kind of been our philosophy since we started translating professionally. Kind of easy to choose that as a philosophy after you find a job you love, huh? But we never planned on doing anything we didn't like either, so I guess it still works. At any rate, we've been sort of quoting that to people every time someone shows interest in what we do for a living, without ever knowing where it came from, so destiny or not, we're glad we finally found out.

Because of the destiny factor, we decided we just had to order some more! But then we looked at the order form and found out the smallest amount you can order is 50, so now we're not too sure. The idea is that you're supposed to send them to potential clients, but we're pretty happy with our current workload (if a little sad about not getting anything new for a while, which isn't technically true since we got the one thing from Del Rey, and we recently started working for the eccentric billionaire company, but those feel like so long ago...!). So our idea was to give them to our friends, but I don't think we have that many friends (sad...). They are only two dollars, though, so I guess we'll think about it some more.

And speaking of planners! You can tell Mayumi Azuma loves her job, because she doesn't spare any details. (Or at least, she doesn't let her assistants spare any.) We're translating Elemental Gelade and this guy takes out a planner that's packed full of appointments. And you can actually read most of them! Which means we have to translate most of them. That's going to take at least an hour! Rar! But I guess it's okay, because the rest of the book's going pretty fast. As long as there's no singing, then we should have no problem forgiving her *grin*

Today I'm thankful for fancy planners, pizza crust (why do people always throw it away? it's just as edible as the rest of the pizza), temperatures finally not making it to the nineties, leftover cake, and the radii of circles.