September 10th, 2007


Time off

Happy birthday, Sailor Mercury! Woohoo!

The random things we remember.

Anyway, our original plan last night was to come home from stuff and listen to our shiny new DN Angel CD, but after updating Live Journal, we decided we needed some food. So we broke out the Baked! Ruffles and turned on the TV, but there was nothing good on, so we decided to see what was available On Demand. And we discovered that one of the episodes of Danny Phantom we hadn't seen yet was on, but we couldn't watch it while eating Baked! Ruffles--they're too crunchy and distracting. So instead we watched Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (in some episodes, XR is played by the Janitor from Scrubs!), and then watched Danny Phantom afterward. And by the time we were done, we decided it was too late to listen to shiny new CDs. Well, that, and we were very much enjoying sitting on the couch. Sometimes, it's nice to just sit on the couch.

Today we finished working really early, but we didn't turn it in. We haven't gotten any feedback on the first translation we did for the eccentric billionaire company. They said they'd give us some, so we think we might want to wait before we turn in the second translation, in case we were doing something wrong. That way we can fix it before we turn it in, and they don't have to use up any of their time to do it themselves.

The only two deadlines we have left are for books we don't yet have. So now we have lots of free time! Yay! Hopefully that won't last too long, though, because we gotta make a living and stuff. But in the meantime, we might be able to get started on Saiyuki Gaiden 3 fairly soon. I'm not sure we want to do that just yet, though, because if we get Lagoon Engine when we're in the middle of Gaiden 3, we'll have to stop, because our deadline's in two weeks. So instead we'll either read Harry Potter or go for the Kaoru ending on the Host Club game. Or we'll go hunt wild sheep.

I suppose the other logical choice would be to listen to our shiny new CD, but the conditions have to be right for that. We're kind of crazy sometimes.

Today I'm thankful for new episodes of Danny Phantom being On Demand, getting a little time off, Ben & Jerry's Half Baked ice cream, cute pictures of Roxas on our Kingdom Hearts calendar, and having a neat survey to fill out from BYU (I like surveys♥).