September 1st, 2007


What's the world coming to?

How wrong is it that ABC, a network owned by Disney, which is a company that got started with and is known for its animation, does not have cartoons on Saturday mornings? I guess it probably has Kim Possible at some point, but seriously. It should be all cartoons! *sniffle* I miss the good old days...

As expected, Celeste has been out in the living room watching TV all day. We don't do so well with the "watching whatever's on just for something to do" thing, so we've been in our room all day playing Final Fantasy XI and Tetra Master. I think we spent far too long on Tetra Master, but Quina got a perfect game and took all our favorite cards, so we had to see if we could get them back. *sniffle* I miss our dagger card...

Come to think of it, I'm not quite sure how playing one or two video games all day is better than channel surfing all day, but it's true that we tend to feel more blah after all TV than after all video games (depending on whether or not we've been sidequesting).

We're thinking of going to the Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival in November. I think the main reason for this is that it's in the Anaheim Hilton, rather than that we're really excited about Final Fantasy XI. But it does sound like fun. Conventions involving the Anaheim Hilton have a tendency to be awesome, after all.

I feel boring today. Oh yeah! We had our fortune told in Tetra Master, and we won for having the number one worst fortune today! Whee! Maybe that's why I'm so boring. Or maybe we got the worst fortune because we're boring today. But later we're going to a baptism and then a wedding reception, so hopefully we'll stop being boring, because it's no good to be boring at events like that.

I was thinking I'd tell a little story from college to make this entry less boring, but then I was wondering if it might be so boring that everyone has stopped reading it already. Oh well. For those of you who are kind enough to keep reading anyway...

So for Homecoming at BYU every year, they have a parade. I'd imagine this is true of most colleges, but since I don't pay any attention to sports, I don't know. But the point is, there's a parade. And from what I understand, each department can have a float if they want. Our Japanese 444 professor also happened to be the dean of the humanities department, so he was asked about doing a float. I think he declined because he's just not really into that stuff, but afterward he came up with a brilliant idea for a float to represent the college of humanities. All the students on one side of the float would be in MacDonald's uniforms, and all the students on the other would be in KFC uniforms. And there would be a big sign (or something) bearing the school's motto: Enter to learn, go forth to serve.

Not very encouraging to those of us who majored in or are majoring in something in humanities, but still hilarious.

Today I'm thankful for having things to do in our room, Anaheim's awesome conventioning atmosphere, Quina being kind enough not to take the Fratley card, Saturday morning cartoons, and breaks from staring at the computer monitor (like the one we're going to take right now).