August 29th, 2007


Apparently it's too hot to fangirl today.

I think I figured out why we stopped doing reviews for a while. Everyone's either ahead of us or behind us. So the people who are behind us won't read it because of spoilers, and we don't always trust the people who are ahead of us not to say something that will make us think, "Wait, does that mean...!?" thereby spoiling us inadvertently. This is especially tricky when speculating, which is what we like to do the most. Nevertheless, some pretty crazy stuff happens in Fruits Basket 20, so I guess it deserves a review.

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Well, that wasn't quite as articulate as I'd planned it (mostly concerning Bunny Boy), but there it is.

In other fangirly squeeing-ness, episode 8 of Zombie Loan was awesome! There was a werewolf, and all he did was growl, but it was amazing listening to him because those sounds are like never found in Japanese. We tried imitating them ourselves and we just couldn't, but we never were so good with the animal sounds. I was listening to him and I was like, "Dude, what must that audition have been like? I know I would have failed." But because all he did was growl, it was nigh impossible to tell who played him. I'm sure if we'd watched the scenes over and over, there's an ever so slight possibility we would have guessed it was him, but since we didn't know that (it could have been someone we'd never heard), so we just watched the credits. And it was our favorite Tetsuya Kakihara♥

I'm noticing I'm having a difficult time conveying my fangirl glee today. I wonder if it's the heat.

Anyway, we were very excited and bouncing off the walls and stuff. We wonder if he was able to do all that growling so well because he grew up in Germany (one of many reasons I think he should play a grown Momiji should we ever get to hear one). But we're sad because we don't have a whole lot to go watch to help us obsess over him more, alas. But we can! go to the AX message boards and suggest they invite him.

Another exceedingly awesome thing about Zombie Loan 8 was the Takahiro Sakurai (Cloud) being mortified about being completely destroyed at table tennis by the Toshiyuki Morikawa (Sephiroth) character. Bwahahaha♥

Now Athena's very sad that I left the Cloud and Sephiroth notes there to explain the joke. Maybe footnotes would have been better?

Today I'm thankful for Momiji plushies, German-raised Japanese werewolves, being able to look forward to eventually getting a CD with Kakihara-kun singing (we have to wait for the rest of the CDs in our order to be released first), "tired" Kyoya, and new AC filters.