August 28th, 2007


We're surrounded by crazies!!

Actually, we're not, but when we're translating Fruits Basket, it starts to feel like we are. Then watching El Cazador with LA doesn't help at all. And it probably doesn't matter how annoying people are being--it's not nice to compare them to certain higher ups in the Sohma family. Because really, they're not as crazy as them.

Anyway, I figure it may be safer to save the more detailed reactions for when we've finished the volume, so instead, here's a meme! I'm not sure if we were officially tagged per se, but we got this from kabochan

Collapse )

Speaking of shopping, we got shipping confirmation from Rightstuf today, and soon we'll have the Strawberry Marshmallow box set! We thought they would wait until the other part of our order, the Kaleido Star New Wings box set, comes out next week, but they're shipping it anyway. That's very nice of them, especially since we opted for free shipping. And now we're very excited! We just decided today that Momiji's random German is the same as Anna and her English.

Also speaking of shopping, at FHE last night, I noticed our anime buddy's ring, and she said she got it at Zion's National Park, and suddenly I thought how awesome it could be to go to Yosemite to go shopping. They sell a lot of neat stuff at national parks that you can't really get anywhere else.

Today I'm thankful for not being in the Sohma family, having Strawberry Marshmallow in the mail (I'm impressed with any series that can get us so excited to watch it and not have any male characters), orange slice candies, having ice cream again, and radio waves.