August 13th, 2007


Foiled again. Again.

Dad called yesterday. He's been hit with back-taxes or something like that. We don't have to know what exactly that means--only that it means he can't afford to come over here in October. This means our big group trip to Disneyland has been canceled. Very Sad. I mean, sure we went to Disneyland a couple months ago, but that was by ourselves! This was our chance to go with people! And with Dad and his wife, then we wouldn't have had to worry about it ending up as their trip to Disneyland, with these weird Twins following them around. Like being outside the circle and stuff. Because I think that's what would happen if we decided to go with the Roommate. Or she'd just invite her friends from the area and they'd go off by themselves and we might has well have gone by ourselves and saved the price of one more admission. Ah well.

Tonight at FHE they're playing water softball, which means they'll be on the grassy field behind the church. Since I'm allergic to something in that field, that means we'll be sitting in the parking lot, potentially very bored, but potentially talking to friendly people. Still, we thought about skipping it, but Athena's doing some visiting teaching afterward and we need to see if we can find someone to take us to see Stardust. Incidentally, if I hadn't smacked the one guy yesterday, we would have walked right past him to our former home teacher, who we could probably get to at least drop us off at the theater. Already we see more negative consequences of doing something you know is wrong.

But tomorrow we're taking the day off! Whee! We originally planned to wait until we'd turned in our next translation after the one we turned in today, but yesterday we realized that we need to let steam off sooner instead of later. And we'll feel sooo much better with a clean bedroom and living room! So we're pretty excited. We might also get some Harry Potter in. Maybe.

Today I'm thankful for having a copy of Donald in Mathmagic Land, sales on awesome Disney t-shirts, having Quik chocolate milk mix (we refuse to call it NesQuik), not having miscalculated how long it would take to finish that translation so we don't have any extra work left before tomorrow, and the freedom to choose not to watch anime serieses with too much blood.