August 10th, 2007

kid flash

We're on fire!

Woohoo! Not only did we get to stop working early today, but we stopped after finishing more than double the standard page quota we set for ourselves! And! there was dangerous lost puppy Strafe with! his shirt off♥

Who Wants to Be a Superhero? last night was pretty crazy. That was a neat mind trick Dr. Dark played on everybody. We decided that even though neither of us likes roller coasters very much, we would have totally rocked that challenge, because looking around for things like random colored papers is what Athena does on roller coasters, and running around getting stuff (like fast passes) is what I do at amusement parks in general. The main problem would be that I don't know Magic Mountain nearly as well as Disneyland, and they'd never shell out the big bucks to use Disneyland. At Disneyland, we would own. But if I can run around AX and find stuff, I can run around Magic Mountain.

It didn't occur to me until much later on how cute it was that Hyper-Strike was paired up with Mr. Mitzvah. The circus performer kid with the multi-millionaire. That's just adorable! But kind of sad for Hyper-Strike, since Stan Lee said the reason they were pairing people up was that he wanted to see which of them would make better heroes and which would make better sidekicks, and Hyper-Strike was very eager to prove that he wasn't a sidekick. Maybe it was because he was with Mr. Mitzvah.

We got some Fruits Basket books today, which we noticed were pretty thick. Athena says it probably seems that way because we're working on Marie & Elie, which is 160 pages, while anything from Hana to Yume tends to be 190 or more. And indeed, looking at our shelf with the one volume of Hiyokoya (Asuka Comics) next to Nosatsu Junkie (Hana to Yume), Hiyokoya seems very small. And then kind of for the heck of it, we have our Host Club manga (also Hana to Yume) on the other side of Hiyokoya, so it looks like it's being squished! Poor Hiyokoya.

Well, we're amused anyway.

Today I'm thankful for getting more manga, getting to see more of dangerous lost puppy Strafe (that's his name now, but still only one capital), dynamic duos (bwahaha), being able to work inside, and getting done with work early, for a sort-of long weekend. Now we just need Celeste's date to finish with work super early so they can be out all evening, giving us free reign of the TV.