August 8th, 2007



Last night was just not our night. My visiting teacher came over, and it's always nice talking to her, but Celeste decided to come chat with us instead of hiding in her room. This can also be nice, but it means we didn't get to watch Princess Tutu, which makes me sad. We're on the bridge episode!! *whine*

Then on On the Lot, Zach got sent home. He was my very favorite, even if he does look like an evil elf or gnome or imp or something like that. And it's true his movies haven't been the greatest lately. But it still made it very hard to enjoy the other movies, because I was so dazed that he was gone. Adam made a really good movie, too. Though for that I think I was more distracted by the fact that I couldn't tell which of the male characters were played by the same actor and which ones were different. Anyway, I'm glad that he (Adam) said he couldn't really say he deserved to win, because it always bugs me when people say they should get something because they deserve it. It just sounds so arrogant. Not that it's not arrogant to say, "I like it when people are humble." Ah well.

That was rambly. Aaaanyway... I hope some producer out there sees Zach's movies and gets him and a really good writer to make an awesome movie. Yeah.

I don't have a whole lot else to talk about. Though I think there might be some people who will be interested to know that a Sanzo solo album is going to be released in October.

Today I'm thankful for nutty bars, finishing translations faster than planned, having extra time to watch anime, Saiyuki solo albums, and feeling a lot better after being angry with the world last night and this morning.

Is there a difference between emo and angst?

Today our plans to make everything better by watching Gate Keepers while our roommate was out kickboxing were thwarted by her not actually going to kickboxing tonight. So instead, I've come to vent on LiveJournal, since venting out loud will be overheard and only exacerbate (ooh, fancy big word!) the problem.

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And that's our sob story. I guess we'll watch some more anime or play Band Brothers or something now.